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(another post about my mental health, and general state. So apologies) I'm just a bit of a mess right now, I have really good days, and most the time I'm pretty much okay, but other days I get super, super down. I'm sad mostly because I feel very isolated right now, it's weird that the most support I get is from people on social media? My family care, but I don't wish to burden them at the moment, there's a lot going on in their lives. And my friends, are all off doing their own thing so who am I to bring them down to my level? It's so weird that so much of my happiness sources from fictional characters, people on social media, actors, and music. I can't really deal with the real world right now, because it makes me feel like a failure, and then I sink. I just feel so very lonely, and I need to vent somewhere cause catharsis doesn't come easy for me, I tend to pick up unhealthy coping mechanisms, so I'm sorry again for this littering your time lines. But depression and anxiety is serious, and the stigma around it had caused me a lot of heart ache and pain, sometimes it needs to be talked about. Maybe one day I'll find the strength to speak to my family about it, but we'll see. I'm sad, but I'm surviving, you guys and @imsebastianstan are really helping me stay steady at the moment, so thank you ♥ #sebastianstan #actor #seb #sebstan #smile
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Fördomar, alla lika - alla olika. Ett ämne som berör! Och som vi gärna delar och pratar mer om! #mentor #inkludera #seb