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Inktober day 17- I’ll rather called ir curvy or chubby but being calling fat shouldn’t be an insult or someone’s worst nightmare, beauty and self esteem aren’t related with your weight. Fat is just and adjective it might describe you but never define you| aunque preferiría llamarla curvilínea o rellenita ser llamado gordo(a) no debería ser un insulto o la peor pesadilla de alguien, la belleza y la autoestima no se relacionan con el peso. Gordo(a) es solo un adjetivo puede describirte pero no te define .. . . . . . . . . #curvy #curvygirl #selflove #pencils #anime #manga #girl #inktober #inktober2017 #InktoberConDiana
Dear future Husband: I pray for your relationship with Christ, for your health and safety, for your success as an individual and in all that your hands touch. I thank God for you every day. I know you have a past and flaws, but I also know there is so much greatness and purpose in you. I don't care about your bank account, we can build that together. I don't care if your name is ever in the "spotlight" because you shine bright just the way you are. I have your back, front and sides through all ups and downs. All I ask is just please love God more than you love me, because with God leading you, I know we'll never go wrong. I trust God's timing. Until we meet... I love you. - Bren #Queen #King #Purpose #Love . . . . . #staystrong #keepgoing #staypositive #daybyday #keepfighting #gettingthroughit #quotes #quoteoftheday #quote #positive #wisdom #happiness #selflove #inspirationalquotes #spirituality #instaquote #enlightment #spiritual #qotd #mindfulness #gratitude #goodvibes #killit
I'm not perfect, I'm doing my best living this healthy lifestyle, sharing and embracing this journey with others. I don't have a six pack of abs. What I do have tho, is a feeling - which is feeling the best I've ever felt in years. With a ton of energy, self confidence and a positive attitude! I workout just about every day and live a 80/20 balanced diet!!! ✌🏼 I work hard to achieve goals and sometimes I achieve them on schedule and on time, some other times I don't. So I set realistic goals, which in my world are smaller goals that you know you won't get discouraged by. As we all know, nothing happens over night, we got to work for it!!! #babysteps 👌🏼 When I first took control of my health and wellness, I gave it my all for two rounds of hard work, working out, following my meal plan to a T and maxed my results for 21 days (X2). I got to where I wanted to be and I've been able to maintain that by having a balance in my lifestyle. ⚖️ Have there been times I wanted to give up, YES! Do I still struggle some days, YES! Holla, I am human, and this world ain't perfect by no means. I've been slapped with a number stresses and struggles in life where I wanted to give up but, I always wear my best face forward and move on #positivevibes!🌟 Life is too short to not eat cake, to not smile, or achieve your health and wellness goals, because you can! It all starts with YOU! 🤗 Life is a beautiful thing, make the best of it! ❤️ #selflove I’m excited to announce that November will be the start of another amazing 21 day accountability group! Comment below if you wanna a spot, they fill fast!👌🏼 Happy Monday! 🎀 #healthandwellnessjourney
be comfortable in your own skin. you are beautiful not matter how skinny, thick, tall, or short you are. you are beautiful. don't let anyone tell you differently. photo creds: @kvlie 💓 #selflove #confidence
I had a great birthday! I just want to thank you all for liking my pictures and commenting I really appreciate it 💜
As an educator, I've heard EVERY excuse and all of the whiny complaints 😑 It is probably my biggest pet peeve to hear a person complain about their situation and make ZERO attempt to change it. You offer help, they have a complaint. You tell them about themselves, they get in their feelings. . . I consider myself a nice person. I am happy to help the person who doesn't know the way, but wants to learn. I will devote hours of my time to help that person SUCCEED. However, if you expect me to listen to you complain about your life while you refuse to accept help or help yourself..... I'll likely hurt your feelings 😶🙃 #saveyourself #stopcomplaining #youcandoit
I remember being chosen last by one of the captains of the kick ball team in elementary school, I was so hurt. Although that only happened once, I can still remember the cringe and the feeling of isolation that rested in my chest. In this life, we often wait to be chosen for love, relationships, jobs, teams, awards just to name a few. When we aren't chosen, rejection will try to rear it's ugly head. We begin to think self defeating thoughts. We withdraw. We look for validation from people. BUT what if we choose ourselves? What would happen if we began to see our value above and beyond the opinions of others? What if we affirmed ourselves instead of waiting for others to do so? What if we come to understand that, it wasn't that we weren't good enough to be chosen, rather the situation in which we were trying to fit within, was just not the right fit? What if, instead of embracing the rejection that tries to offer itself to us, when those we love walk away from us, WE REJECT rejection by establishing personal barriers of protection? We have to choose us and that means accepting ourselves as we are and living that truth out loud and without apology. Choosing you isn't selfish, it helps you to progress and seek satisfaction and understanding in the good and bad. We are God defined and God choose us, so to not choose you, when the Creator choose you, isn't the smart thing to do. As far as that kickball game, I was the best female kicker on the team. Sometimes you have to assert yourself and resolve to use what tried to hurt you, as fuel to choose you, when others fail to. Love yourself and be true to you.
There is a purpose to live a life that you desire but you dont have to worry about it all the time because of what others would say . You should start to figure out what is most important in your life & focus on your energy on that before it all disappears . #spirtualjourney #selflove #createtoexplore #goodvibesonly