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Беременная девушка в платье из лёгкого кружева выглядит нежно и женственно, поэтому этот наряд часто выбирают для фотосессии. . . . . #uabelladonna #chernivtsi #cv #brunette #беременность #pregnant #lace #халат #кружево #кружевнойхалат #фотография #фотосессия #photo #photography #look #love #girl #wedding #women #chernivtsi #чернівці #style #model #wedding #morning #sexy
I have a photo albums website that has my ‘not blurry’ art pieces. Just let me know if u want yo see, drop me a message #art #sexy
Dancing in nothing but your underwear and heel. Boom! that got your attention right? Rather sexy for a sunday 😂😂😂. Well I thought since I haven't posted in here in a while I may as well keep it interesting Ive even deleted 150 boring posts on here and counting as we give this insta page a revamp 😈😈😈. Anyway, the above heading is a post that I did today describing me getting ready yesterday. I shared that I have got to a place I feel completely comfortable in myself again, my body image. I also shared the things I felt and had to overcome to get in a place where I love what I see in the mirror even whilst striving to keep progressing. I shared how I have not only helped myself but hundreds of women to feel the same. Oh, and its about doing it for no one other than yourself. To feel healthier To feel happier To feel confident To feel self assured To love what you see in the mirror. To bring out your personality To be and feel sexy. If you'd like you'd like yo read the full story then click the link kn bio and join my group of highly ambitious and achieving business women. Glad to be back... oh and I'm gonna bring some sexy back to this page 😜 Lis Xxx