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She thought we were cute, I thought the brick wall was cuter #shemademedoit
"Trained as a chemist, Marie Maynard Daly became the first African American in the United States to receive a PhD in chemistry, from Columbia university in 1947. In her long research career, She pioneered work on the effect of cholesterol on heart attacks, effect of sugar on arteries and the effect of cigarette smoking on the lungs." 1921-2003❤️👑❤️ #shemademedoit #science #womenofscience #mariemaynarddaly #herstory
Growing up Dominican you come to understand that the culture places a lot of emphasis on straight hair being the most beautiful. On my recent trip to DR, I visited a hair salon near my father's house where I overheard the owner saying that women who wear their hair curly looked dirty. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and it broke my heart to see young girls listening and believing she was right. Recently the texture of my hair changed as did my curl pattern because of heat damage. and I found myself hating my hair because it didn't look good; It made me feel unhappy and not beautiful. I sat one night and cried because I couldn't understand why my hair was so important until I thought back to my childhood, my culture, the media, society and many around me always telling me how beautiful I looked when it was straight. So much value is placed on something that has NOTHING to do with who you truly are. So this Saturday, after many months of contemplation, I decided that I no longer wanted to feel that my external beauty depended solely on how long my hair was. The #bigchop was a difficult decision but I did it. No tears, no fear, just #freedom . I want to thank Rebecca at @jerseycurlsalon for being so patient, amazing, personable, and encouraging through the process. I also want to thank my mother, my sister, my handsome, and my closest friends for being so supportive; it means the world to me. Now cutting off my hair was my way of proving to myself that I'm more than just my hair but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. I just know that my journey starts here. A journey where I find true meaning in self love because it starts from within. And more importantly I want to be the best version of myself for ME, my future husband, my future children, my nieces, and all of those young pretty girls looking up to me. They all deserve that much from me. This is for me but also for all of you! #newhairbetterme #shamelessmaya #shemademedoit # @thecurlyco @devacurl @sheamoisture