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eat me ouuttt good baby😭💦💦
- being unholy is my specialty;) - • • • dear future girlfriend, hi cutie,princess,mami, whatever you wanna be called, im so happy that you are mine and i don’t ever wanna lose you and you are perfect just the way you are. i may screw up but i won’t let it affect our relationship. okay so like i can’t believe that you are mine like damn im lucky and if i fuck up im truly sorry and i will always love you no matter what your past is. you deserve endless happiness and i wanna be the one that gives that to you. i promise i won’t be a bitch like i normally am and i will try so hard if i’m mad not to take it out on our relationship because i really want us to last, and no matter what happens im gonna be there for you and adore you and kiss you when you are down and just tell you how important you are to me and to everyone and i will try so hard to keep that smile on your face. if we get married, wow we made it that far and i don’t plan on leaving you if anything bad happens.. if you get jealous please tell me right away because i don’t wanna find out from some different chick saying sumthin like, “your gf is jealous of blah blah blah” i don’t wanna hear that because im gonna make sure you tell me. we can go for long walks on the beach during the daytime or nighttime whenever you want. if im busy, and you are in trouble or sumthin.. i will stop whatever im doing and rush to you to make sure you are okay because i don’t wanna think of losing you to some stupid people and i don’t want you to think that im not in love with you, if you feel like im not giving you good love, i will honestly beg you to tell me because i don’t wanna lose someone as precious as you are. i will be with you 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days, and 12 months.. but yeah just remember that im always gonna be here for you and i won’t ever judge you.. i love youuu 💙💙 - kyle x. sartorius ! ❄️💙