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It's alright, it's all part of my Instagram Fantasy 🎶🎶 No, we are not currently in Singapore, but funny story.... ✈ ✈ When we went to Sri Lanka last December we wound up with a 19 hour layover in Singapore! We had been looking at photos on Instagram for the past 2 years of Singapore's beauty and dreaming of visiting, especially @gardensbythebay ! When we had our long layover we jumped on the train that goes right from the airport into the heart of Singapore. ✈ ✈ We were amazed at how awesome the airport was, seriously the best we have ever been to!!! More over, how easy it was to get into town. We were able to check our bags at the airport and head out. Not only that, but everything was so incredibly clean I felt like I could lick 😋 anywhere on that train and not get sick, lol! ✈ ✈ Anyway, we had an amazing day and got tons of shots. When we got home I was so busy creating content for Sri Lanka that I completely forgot about our of Singapore photos! Welp, I just stumbled upon them and decided to finally process them and here they are! Now we can officially say that we are living our Instagram fantasy! ✈ ✈ Have you ever visited anywhere you dreamed of visiting from the 'gram? Did it live up to the fantasy?
Had an awesome time with these lil cuties at my first ever career day talk at a primary school. Kids got me feelin’ like a mini celebrity asking for my autograph and all 😂 Thanks for having me! 🤗 #careerday #journalistatwork
There is always an option to view a city from another angle.. whenever I have vacation in big cities, I mostly try to grab a chance to hop onto a night river cruise. It is not only to view the city from different perspective but also I can experience a romantic atmosphere from that city.... This is a Singapore river cruise which departs every 15 minutes if not mistaken. It is also called a river-taxi by the locals. It brings passengers along Singapore river go round the landmark of this lovely country, which is called a red-dot country, a city-state country or a lion city. That durian-shape building is the Esplanade. It was the icon of Singapore before the cruise-shape MBS skyscraper was built. Will you take this cruise when you visit Singapore for a vacation? Photo taken with my Nikon D5600 in March 2019
For Kay Leigh, quiet spaces inspire, magnificently.
Day 1 of learning social media/digital marketing/branding promote/content sharing/influencer Warming up of my mind first before starting my sharing below: 🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠🧠 Summary of today learning ✍️ it’s so confusing of reading and watching so many teaching video of social media on YouTube , during the time I am traveling to my workspace. ✍️ first of all is, there is a lot of platform which can allow you to do social media and digital marketing online. Like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Snapchat, telegram and also linked In. Many people is learning to use this platform to promote their own products, services , expertise, helping others, couching program, sharing life experience, hobby and so on. My opinion is feeling that’s the Instagram is growth a lot faster than other platform, and it’s have so much video in YouTube are sharing about how the Instagram algorithm work for being start to growth it organically. That’s all for today and I hope I can learn more about it. Beside so sorry to everyone that my English level is not perfect, but I hope my sharing will help others that same like me which doesn’t have any knowledge about social media or digital marketing. Please feel free to leave any comment below about my insufficient or incorrect sharing above. #gailbong #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaforbusiness #socialmedialife #seo #socialnetwork #socialmediamarketing #socialmediacoach #influencermarketing #influencers #singaporelife #makemoneyoninstagram #sharingtime #youtubelearning #twitterthreads #twitter #icecreamkorea #namiisland #koreaholiday #mindstretching #motivationalquotes #motivation #inspirations #successfullife