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Very productive day today. Everything is lining up how it should be and I still can't beleive its really happening..the past few months have been the worst on my psyche but I never lost hope and my faith remained strong that things would come together when the time is right. I continued to keep my head high and work where I could to make things happen and it's finally paying off..all the sleepless nights, lost of social times and weekends, lost of steady employment and troubles at home..I'm thankful and blessed that I see the light at the end of the tunnel and I'm forever greatful and blessed. There may be bags under these young eyes but behind those eyes remain hope and joy for the future ahead in both my career, schooling and my true independence. ❤When the Devil closes a door on you in the dark, God will always show you the path towards light.❤ #career in the making #cityofhope #makingadifference #savinglives #smile #faith #happiness #blessed #animalhealth #humanhealth #cancer #alzheimers #diabetes #makeadifference