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The challenge: Serj Tankian, wrote the first seven notes of a song, you can finish the? You must continue the 7 notes and have a duration of less than three minutes! Abuse your talent and good luck! ▶More information:
The challenge: Serj has written the first 7 notes of a new piece of music. Can you finish it? So long as you start with those 7 notes and keep the show to under 3 minutes, you're free to do as you wish video: thanks @creativearmenia !
So I just watched Serjs music making competition video and I got kinda upset ??? Cause I had a realization that Serj really is the one holding SOAD from making a new album, and that we will probably never get another album from them... (which honestly I respect all the guys and I don’t ever want anyone or myself to rush/bash them for a new album, cause it’s just wrong) but like, he was saying how you can make his 7 notes into any genre, “jazz, rock or even symphonic” and when he said “rock” he just looked so annoyed, idk maybe it’s just me focusing on small things, but like, all the things Serj is doing right now just SHOW that he’s not really interested in the rock/metal field anymore. And people don’t understand that! People change, their music taste change, their minds and ideas change. You can’t force someone to do something they don’t feel like doing anymore. < that is why I kinda lash out at people who keep bothering the guys over the new album, cause it’s just plain annoying. Leave the guys alone, Serj many times has told people not to ask about a new album, but people still continue to bash and bother them about it. Leave them be, what they wanna do it up to them, they already know we all want an album. Thanks for reading this all, I kinda got off track and missed my point but that’s alright. #soad #systemofadown #serjtankian
Spiders Solo Cover by me 😛 Tag us on post and use #soadcover hashtag 👊
Why can't you see that you are my child, Why don't you know that you are my mind, Tell everyone in the world, that I'm you, Take this promise to the end of you #soad #🌸
armenian and VERY dangerous ⚠🆘🎸 〰 armenio y MUY peligroso ⚠🆘🎸