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There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy, happy horse in the sunshine 🐴☀️ Meet Ollie, my retired 23 year old boy who I've had for 17 years. To this day, he still makes me smile every time I see him ❤️ #twohearts #horselove #happiness
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What do you do with all this sexual energy you have? It’s swimming around in you; it makes you very angry sometimes. It is spiritual presence. People are aroused sexually when they feel Presence. This Presence ignites a yearning for union, which raises deep emotions and tremendous sensations physically. This vitality in your body is not to be denied. That is unhealthy. Yet it must be recognized and given constructive expression within your current circumstances. Individuals in this world, and in other worlds as well, who have been major contributors to their people, were not wasting their vitality in meaningless pursuits. They were drawing upon all their resources for the tasks at hand. They were not casual about anything. Life was too vital for them. It is this vitality you miss. It is this vitality that your Knowledge contains for you. Yet you must seek for it in your current activities. Part of the attraction of romantic love is that it seems to return vitality to you. Temporarily. It is deeply stimulating to your life force, but it does not give expression or promise to it. The great romantic interludes that you see in your stories and in your images are very exciting, but they hold no promise. After you have met this desired one who seems to bring out of you such fascination, enjoyment and self-abandonment, what do you do then? There is nothing to do, nowhere to go. Your fascination begins to disappoint. These parodies of relationship must be recognized. True relationship has the intimacy, compassion and deep pleasure of union because it has promise, direction and purpose. Therefore, if you seek fulfilling relationships in the world, always seek purpose. It is the foundation. On a personal level, you cannot maintain relationships long term, for your interests will vary. If you are seeking Knowledge, then you will risk these relationships constantly. That is why it is best to seek Knowledge first. Anything you establish as a substitute for Knowledge you will risk losing. That is why it can take so very long for those who have made great establishments without Knowledge to turn towards Knowledge for their redemption. They are very fearful of what it may mean.