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If ya have it, don't ever let it go If ya had it, fight til your last breath to get it back. If ya loose it.. last it free and watch them blossom. I think these days people forget the value of true love, unconditional, not just "I love you" but true love that tingles every bone in you body when you see them, that light that keeps you going when dark times arise. A cuddle that keeps you warm on cold days. A voice in your ear to let you know everything is ok. These hearts are priceless. But very rare. If your lucky enough to be given the gift of true love . Don't ever take it for granted. Be ther 100% of the time, be a shoulder to cry on, pick them up when they fall, protect them with evrey means necessary. Give them space when they need it, don't underestimate them EVER .. they may seem fragile .. but on there path they have encountered pain and suffering Like other this is shapes them. And gives them strength. With each fall they grow .. while you think your the one protecting them.. in fact they protect you. They have your back at all times. They will move mountains for you to carry on your journey. These people are angels, but don't be fooled if you loose your direction and fall of the path and and cause them pain . They will not come with you. They are true beings they dont need anybody, they travel alone if need be. They chooose you because they want to. Because they love If your blessed enough for one to love you. Never forget this ever Hold on tight, never let go unless they ask. And feel grateful that you wer part of there journey, set them free if you have to and watch them blossom this will cause you pain Like no other but this will change you. Make you a better more compassionate human, but the pain still lies in there heart of yer lucky enough they "may" forgive you.. and if that happens devout you life to making them happy. It's the least the deserve #truelove #blessed #hope #soulmates #actionsnotwords #dontgiveupthefight
Вот как странно наш мир устроен! Мне иногда кажется, что наши взаимоотношения с людьми можно сравнить с пазлом! Одни подходят тебе идеально и вы с ними складываетесь в общую картинку! А другие совершенно из другой «коробки»... И как же здорово, когда мы таки находим половинки именно своего пазла! Благодарите своих близких людей за то, что они рядом, что они делают вашу жизненную картину ярче и насыщеннее! Спасибо вам, @galushka.13 и @al.prazh за то, что вы у меня есть, за все улыбки и шутки, за настроение и просто за вас!!! 💞😌💖 #thoughts #friends #friendshp #soulmates #goodday #lovelyday #bffs #needyou #evening #autumn #fl
Anyone fancy a little Sunday evening reading? - Souls journey - Crystals - Soul mate myth - Healing after bereavement Happy Sunday, lovelies xo