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God has been working overtime on my life lately. For that I am grateful. If you see me or any of my @20nvr brothers at @campfloggnaw make sure you say hi, we will be interviewing fans and artists at the festival. From the basement of my heart, I want to say thank you to @golfmedia and @jpalanis for this opportunity. See you at the festival. 🏄🏾
📸: frnvr In less than four hours we will be performing our first LA set. I am so proud of everyone you see in this photo. Including myself, cus life is hard as fuck but God makes sure our movements are fluid. Thank you to everyone who supports @20nvr, you can actually watch our entire set for F R E E. All you gotta do is follow the @20nvr account and tune in to our LIVE STREAM AT 12:55 AM EST, or 9:55 PM PST. 🏄🏾
Come out to support @20nvr performance tonight!! They are the homies from Maryland so you know it’s they are gonna be lit!! #SoYouthful
Flashback to a time in our lives when we had no responsibilities and lived only for the weekend #soyouthful
This time last year I was depressed as fuck finishing up what would be the mixtape that changed my life with my best friends. In 4 days, we will be performing for the FIRST time in LA as @20nvr. Still financially not where we want to be, but I’m glad to be doing this with them. Graphics by @d17productions. Keep us in your prayers.
Blessed to be performing with my best frendz in LA this Friday. Please repost this flier if you’re excited for us 🏄🏾
First west coast / LA @20NVR show is this Friday. ❤️🙏🏾 REPOST THIS FLIER and tag us, if you’re excited for our growth. - mngt 🏄🏾
STARVE the EGO, FEED the SOUL. . I’ve been praying to God lately for humility, so here it goes. I am merely a reflection of all of the love and support YOU all share with me. For that, I am grateful. . #SoYouthful #20NVR 🏄🏾
I’m flying out to Los Angeles next week with my best friends to chase our dreams. I’ve been praying for a moment like this since I was 16. I got kicked out of my mother’s place June of 2016 and I’ve been living from one friend or one family member to another for NOT GIVING UP on music. I can finally say I made the right decision(s). God is good. NVR stop believing in yourself. One of my biggest desires is to inspire others by being the personification of passion itself. Thanks for supporting and believing in me, I can’t accomplish any of this without y’all. . #SoYouthful #20NVR 🏄🏾
Embracing my true self has been and still is my favorite journey across the universe and back. Last night was amazing, thanks @onetribemag for these incredible photos. More photos will be released soon. More music coming soon. . #SoYouthful 🏄🏾
Today is dedicated to celebrating the life of a legend that I happen to call my brother. JIMMY Spielberg is now 23 everyone. Show love to the man behind the lenses. And thanks bro for always inspiring me to become a better version of myself. Your energy is one of a kind. 🐐x 23 Graphics by @sonofniight . #SoYouthful 🏄🏾