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My daughter Brielle Esprit is getting married tomorrow on this sacred land. I was so in awe watching the sun set tonight as the horses grazed in the pastures. I am so blessed for this day. Love & Light... M #wedding #daughterwedding #sunsets #pasture #horses #kilbuckcreek #autumn #thisistoday #fence #farmgirl #spiritual #enlightening #memories #sacred #universe #lifestyle #maryellenmalinowski #lifestyledesigner #aurbnbsuperhost #zenlivingbydesign #zenlivingbydesignhome #zenlivingbydesignmagazine #alifestylewithbeautyandpurpose
Thankful Thursday ☺️
Working in harmony with the elements, balancing mind,body,spirit&soul "Divine Air🌬-bring imagination and creativity to the world. Like the far-seeing hawk, May we see this situation as the whole complex tapestry that it is, And be inspired with fresh and virgin weavings. Like the unfettered winds, May we be freed from old assumptions and patterns in how we respond, And breath in new possibilities. Divine Fire🔥-bring clarity and compassionate passion to the world. Like the bright light of the Sun, May we see clearly the way-forward of "what is necessary" for all life, And the time to come. Like the transforming flames, May our grief, fear and rage be transformed into compassion for all - All victims and perpetrators alike. Divine Water💧-bring yielding and wisdom to the world. Like the gentle erosion of water upon stone, May we release our personal and cultural biases, And acknowledge the 'wrong-thinkings' that we may harbor. Like the deepening twilight upon the earth, May we remember the lessons of the past, And contemplate their meaning for the future. Divine Earth🍃-bring greening and surety to the world. Like the stretching branches of the tree, May we stretch ourselves Into the life-affirming paths of reconciliation and healing. Like the deep peaceful dome of night, May we stand firm in the Goddess and the God, Through this 'dark night' of confusion and fear, and false 'stars'. May our souls be strong, steady and revealing. May our spirits be enlightened, faithful and sure. May our choices be wise and enduring, for the generations to come. By all that is Sacred and True, So Mote It Be. " -peace prayer by PashtaMoon
Had what can only be called a spiritual experience when I met this gal in the woods today. We stood silently watching one another for the longest time before she and her calf disappeared back into the forest. Thank goodness for auto-focus as I wouldn't have been able to focus through tears. It was magical.