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There will be times you struggle. You can't believe that life is fair to you, that not everything is just black and white and people are not always mean. You can't accept that there will be someone who drags you down again, keeps telling you they have it worse, makes your suffering and your pain seems like something you can shrug off. But you are different now! Stay away from people who are poison, go away from people who tell you it's okay to be constantly sad and keep you down. It does not have to be like that, believe me when I say that sometimes people are just assholes and nothing more. Get up and keep fighting because after being constantly sad your whole life, a better and nicer life is waiting, just for you. Always keep fighting! 😚 #akf #alwayskeepfighting #goodmorning #depression #mentalillness #wearereal #letthesunshinein #peoplearewithyou #youarenotalone #spnfamily #jaredpadalecki