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Crowley is seduced into sick sex with you. (In honor of me being sick, so here you go. lol I was too lazy to write more than this) . . . . . . . . You're sick. It's probably the flu and boy are you tired. The fever you had makes you ache all over ( and not in the way you normally ache). The only people who visit you are demons sent by Crowley to check up on you. He hadn't even come to check and see how you were feeling. Sometimes Crowley could be such an oblivious boyfriend. There was something else that made you being sick, all that more insufferable. You were horny. Jesus you had no Fucking clue why people got the need to fuck when there was ooze coming out of every orafice except the one you wanted. So you were alone for the moments when you needed Crowley the most. You were surprised though when said King of Hell Burst through your door, and crawled into Bed. "I'm so sorry baby girl...loads of work. Not nearly enough time to take care of you." You pouted at him but you nodded slowly. "That's ok...I missed you." You whispered and wrapped your arms around his neck. He sighed as he ran his fingers over your back and breathed in your scent. "Feeling any better?" He asked as he lingered his palm over your ass. Crowley pulled his hand away though. "Nooo." You whined when he did so, placing his hand back. "Cmon Daddy. I feel sooo much better." You teased and ran your hand down from his neck to his belt buckle. Taking you merely moments before you got it off, with little hesitation from the King. Spitting into your palm, you wrap your fingers around his cock. Slowly stroking him up and down up and down. Leaving kitten licks across his neck and chest when you could get at it. Crowley didn't stand a chance against a sick and weak you. Your Boyfriend loved when you were helpless and tried to take control, said it helped boost his ego and helped with your power play or something. He sighed and pushed down your sweats and panties, and seeing how you've been wet for him since the moment he showed up, so when he brought one of his fingers down to brush along your folds he met no resistance. "Tsk tsk. Why am I not surprised baby girl? You never seem to be able to contain yo