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. #스푼크 #spoonk . . 야 이 개야 너 방석하라고 사온거 아니다 확 뒤집어서 올려놔 버릴까보다 . . . . 강아지도 사랑하는 스푼크(단 뒷면만) . 미란다 커도 사랑하는 스푼크 . 아이도 사랑하는 스푼크 . . 명절 이후 많은 업무에 밀린 집안일에 지쳐 계신 모든 분들 . 스푼크 테라피 하세요 . . 구매는 오로지 셀렉샾 피그업 에서!! .
Day Four: #sixmonthsofstrict I had a wonderful rest day on (and off) the mat. A healing Yin session was sandwiched with time on my @spoonk_space acupressure mat, Working primarily on the posterior chain. The acupressure mat uses sharp points to stimulate muscle fibers and nerve ending allowing for increased blood flow, faster recovery and even neuro chemical release. There's a lot of sensation to it... Think acupuncture, without the puncture... But the physical and mental benefits will far outweigh the apprehension one might have. Great for relaxing or even stimulating oneself. Back to the gym tomorrow, but I have plenty of calories and work to fill that time ;) #bodybuilding #wnbf #yoga #restandrelax #legionathletic #spoonk