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Be Your Own Motivation💪🏻 Stop comparing yourself to other girls on social media🙅🏼 ONLY compare yourself to YOU! Consistently take progress photos so you can look at how far you have come & see how much you have progressed👏🏻💜 🌸Also thank you @alyssynicole for the super cute @adidas hat😍 #strengthfeed #positivity #
🛑🛑🛑PT 2 of LEG DAY 🛑🛑 ✖️HIP THRUST▪️5x8 ✖️CABLE PULL THROUGHS▪️4x12 ✖️PUSH DOWNS▪️4x10 ✖️KICK BACKS▪️4x20-I did 10 then dropped weight each set ✖️ADDUCTION ON CABLES▪️3x15 ♦️Push you're self and push out some weight 💪
CARDIO BURN 🔥 Do 15 reps of each exercise for a total of 4 rounds. 🎶Remix🎶: Romderful
LEG WORKOUT⚡️Happy Friyayyyy here are a few exercises from my workout that literally had me shaking 😂 . . The Workout: ⚡️Close squats on smith machine 4x10 ss with side leg raises w/ resistance bands ⚡️split squats on smith machine 4x10 each leg ⚡️sumo squats with cables 4x10 ss with jump lunges 4x20 *video is a mix between normal & sped up* Tag your gym buddy that you want to try these with!💪🏻 I hope you have an amazing weekend🌼🌼🌼🌼 . . . . @fitnessgirlsmotivation @workout.routines @_workoutvideos @gymgirlvids @workoutvideos__ @bootyworkouts_ @squats.booty @legday_motivation @buttworkoutvids @buttworkout #legday #bootyworkout #bootypump #strengthfeed #positivity #workoutvideo