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“Opportunities don’t happen, you create them..” ... ✨ So I did something crazy and exciting (and unexpected).. I became a consultant for Rodan & Fields - America’s #1 skincare brand!! For awhile I’ve been thinking of a side hustle that I could do while keeping my full time job and would fit into my lifestyle.. After sitting with a financial advisor and going over my portfolio, something clicked... R&F stood out as the opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and help move me closer to my goals.. Plus I already use and love the products myself, so how could I pass up the chance?! Let me know if you’re curious about R&F!!🌹😁 ... #nofilter #bossbabe #rodanandfields #sidehustle #goaldigger #skincareaddict #sainttherese #extramoney #staygriding #readysetgo 🌹 LINK IN BIO
Yo @nipseyhussle Look at that shit bro, Im man, all those people I was harassing to check your music out, to learn about the name. The man. Just play the album. 😂like shit.. I thought u needed more love but LOOK AT ALL THE LOVE RIGHT NOW. And that's because of you. You deserve all of it. Im so happy you got that type of send off. I questioned if it was my time too last week but I got the message, Imma see you later and imma thank you then, I got this marathon to continue. Rest easy Nip. Lord look after samm and that family. #TMC #neverfold #staygriding #staypure #husslehard #neighbourhoodnip #slausonboy #victorylap #themarathoncontinues # #godbless
Its officials In the books now. We currently now hold 2 national and state records in Two weight classes; however, the doctors are trying to keep my back against a wall. . . Long story short the pressure of heavyweight and the strain on my brain due to my TBI its causing more problems to a point the walls on my retina are thinning out to where my retina can detach and I can lose my eye sight. People ask why dont I get surgery? well in a nut shell I was told by two neurosurgeons already any surgery regarding my TBI and where its located there is an 80%+ chance I won't wake up and If i do the symptoms could be worse. . . Well after having a long talk with my wife, FUCK what the doctor says. I know my body better then anyone, I been living like this the past 14 yrs I believe there is a reason I'm still standing. I'll be damn I let a doctor or anyone dictate how I'll live the rest of my life especially when we know tomorrow is never promised. . . The doctor told me to wait 7 weeks to see how the test come back, but told me it's ok to do aerobics and yoga and stay away from lifting. I told my coach and friend @_bigrobdidit we need to change our workout plan to fit my injuries becuase sorry if i offend anyone but fuck that shit that's not who I am. . . Now there is two divisions I want to compete at still and and the docs are trying to hold me back from doing what we do best, the (100kg 220lbs class) and the (72kg 181lbs) class). The 110kg and 90kg is on lock already so no need to prove anything there. So I will compete again at the 220lbs class next and end it at the 181lbs class. I dont want to be a person who competes only at one weight class I want to be the pound for pound king in this shit. @floydmayweather or @mannypacquiao will not be remembered by their one division championship belt , but they will be remembered by their multiple of belts in different weight classes. . . #isymfs #rdi #warready brotherhood #blessed #dontgiveup #staygriding #strong #instagood #instafit #LOYALTY #team #gain #staterecord #nationlrecord #POWERLIFTING #strength #godsplan . . I WILL NOT STOP GRINDING NO MATTER WHAT THE DOCTOR SAY!!!!! LEAVE NO DREAMS BEHIND.