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Strength training (especially with heavy loads) routinely produces greater gains in strength than in muscle size, which leads to an increase in the ratio of strength-to-size. In textbooks, the change in the strength-to-size ratio is usually attributed to changes in neural drive. However, there is only a small amount of evidence for increases in neural drive being responsible for the greater gains in strength over size across different types of training program, such as when training with heavy loads rather than lighter loads. Therefore, this study investigated the changes in single fiber properties after a long-term period of standard strength training. Strength increased substantially (almost certainly by far more than muscle size, although size was not measured on the whole muscle level). Even so, there was no change in the force per muscle fiber after normalising to the fiber cross-sectional area, indicating that changes in the single fiber contractile properties do not contribute to changes in the strength-to-size ratio. This apparent contradiction is why other changes such as lateral force transmission (which is governed by connections between single muscle fibers and the extracellular matrix), tendon stiffness, and coordination have been proposed as key determinants of the strength-to-size ratio. -------------------- #sandcresearch #strengthandconditioning #strengthtraining #strength #sportsscience #biomechanics #performance #research #science #infographic #infographics #hypertrophy #muscle #gains #fit #gymlife #athlete #athletes #athletic #power #powerful
Mon 24/07/17: 1st and 2nd set shown 55kg (3x6). These felt super unstable/dive-bomby and right quad felt tight. I am loving the new phase/program though! @sk_dragonz 🤗 thanks for tailoring it perfectly 👌🏽 #happycamper
#Sodium for Muscle-Pump! Athletes who follow a low-sodium diet have reduced blood volume. Low blood volume creates an environment of reduced oxygen and nutrients available to hardworking muscles, and reduces the body’s ability to flush post-workout toxins and muscle contraction by-products. When sodium intake is optimal, athletes achieve increased muscle pumps, improved performance, and enhanced recovery. That's why we get a certain vascularity after eating a high sodium meal like, pizzas, burgers etc! #noxplode #supplementhub #supplementhubhq - Schedule your deliveries now! - @supplementhub Fueling #TheElite #FreeDelivery Contact us at 0917.844.8796 0927.282.0670 0908.971.7744 (02).576.0734 HQ Address: 2nd floor. Titanium Bldg. Holy Spirit Drive. Diliman, Quezon City. 1127 🌎🌍🌏We Ship Worldwide!🌍🌎🌏 Want a Supplement Hub Reward Card? 💳Check the Link in our Bio!💳
Great Monday morning for a run. Perfect running temps. Starting a new workout tonight called Shift Shop. It is a 3 week long athletic drills type workout. Sounds right up my alley. #shiftshop #mondaymorningrun
Good morning! Happy Monday! I woke up full of rest and carbs 🙈 so I killed it in the name of #biceps #triceps and #core. I got sumthin' happening beneath all that arm skin 💪🏼
Powerbuilding- When I started training many moons ago back in the late 90's when I was still a teenager, I had a clear vision out of what I wanted from my training. I used to see some of the powerlifters training and be in awe of how much they could lift, but if I'm honest there #physiques didn't impress me and I didn't want to look like they did. I then used to see a lot of the bodybuilders training and whilst I knew thats exactly how I wanted to look I thought there #strength levels never matched up with how they looked and they seemed a bit flimsy! So from then on I set out to be able to lift like a powerlifter and look like a #bodybuilder not many people about had the best of both worlds, but I knew that's exactly what I wanted! So from then on, right up until today I train in what I call the #powerbuilding method, a method of training which allows for maximum strength gains whilst also having a well shaped, lean #bodybuilding physique. You don't have to be fat and shapeless to be really strong, and being lean and in good shape doesn't mean you can't lift big number. With clever and precise programming along with the correct nutrition both are achievable. 💪 Look out for some proffessional videos I'm getting done next month with @lordbgreen where I will be doing 2 different workouts, in the first video I will be doing a powerlifting leg workout and the second video a week later will be a leg workout, and you'll see there's not actually that much difference in how I train for both disiplines. My next competition will be the GPC British finals in November where I will be competing in the 100kg full power raw class, where the aim will be a minimum of a 760kg total! #muscle #abs #shredded #strengthtraining #massthetics #strengthcoach #aesthetics #leanmuscle #fitness #teammassive #letsgetmassive #power #personaltrainer #Leeds #muscular #flex #instadaily #workout #gym #healthy #fitfam #fitnesslifestyle #bodybuildingmotivation
MONDAY NIGHT GROUP CIRCUITS! Just $5 for a full body workout - DM me for more details! Tonight was: 1. Scissor kicks 2. Bench jumps 3. Side jumps with medicine ball 4. Overhead press with shuffles 1 min each, 30 sec rest Repeat x3