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I want to share something more about me for those of you who are new followers and don't know my story. My life has been marked by struggle and my response to that struggle has often been negative - to retreat, protect, shrink, and shut down. Books have always been a safe place where I could pretend I was handling life well and be encouraged. This book provides encouragement and also 7 choices that are quite the opposite of retreating. When I read this quote in John O'Leary's book ON FIRE, which is about triumph over tragedy, I was forever impacted. "I love you and there is nothing you can do about it" are some of the most beautiful words ever - speaking unconditional love. I want to say and hear this frequently in my family. I want to live the truth of these words, loving others unconditionally. I want my friends to know this as truth deep in their soul. I want families everywhere to be stronger because of these words lived out. I want the rest of my life to be marked by positive choices that ignite a radically inspired life. So today I say this to YOU and invite you to speak it to others. One of you will get a copy of this transformational book when I draw a name tomorrow at 8 pm PST. To be included in the giveaway, tag a friend or friends who you want to share this truth with and encourage today. #liveinspired #loveyouandthereisnothingyoucandoaboutit #strong #befreebewell
La motivación viene del interior de uno mismo, de lo positivo, de lo que admiramos de los demás, de lo que queremos lograr... No de las envidias, no de lo negativo y mucho menos de los celos. Ser competitivo es serlo con uno, demuéstrate que puedes lograr cualquier cosa que pase por tu mente y tu corazón! #strong #mind #strong #motivated #fitness #girl
Mastering reverse camera bathroom mirror selfies and posting a late #transformationtuesday pic. Back progress after 6 weeks.