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Ttp trsenyum meski km tak ada lgi d smping ku #strong
DON'T UNTIL YOU FEEL LIKE IT - Too many people put off shit that needs to get done because they don't feel like it. To me, that's fucking bullshit. - One of the reason @its_abigailparker was brought on to the Spheres of Influence team was because of her hustle, her passion, the fact that she doesn't EVER wait until she feels like it. - This girl is on the constant grind. Up early every morning and doing what she loves. I don't think I'd ever hear Abby say "I'll do it when I feel like it" because that's simply just not who she is. - She doesn't make excuses. - She doesn't bitch and complain. - She puts her head down and fucking HUSTLES. - I believe she was also doing this workout in a little over 100 degree weather also. - I know she was probably tired. She might've wanted to go home and go to sleep. But guess what? She didn't. - So tell me again, what's your fucking excuse?
Ser valiente, seguir adelante y perseverar. Las cosas malas pasan. Las cosas buenas tardan en llegar, pero llegan! Mirada al frente, espalda recta, ojos fijos y siempre alerta. Este tigre llevo aproximadamente 4 horas de trabajo, está pintado pixel por pixel por mi como si fuese bordado en cruz, no me crees? Hazle zoom. #patience #strong #force #perseverante #tiger #tigre #bordado #horas #trabajo