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Goodmorning 🌞 So the past vew days I was craving choclat. And I have been trying the choclats that I also have in my give away. Cause I thought I can't give food away that I'm too scared for to eat myself. Sooo I had some fear food challenge's. And I ate like 300g of choclat this week. Without going to the gym cause my body just says no. And that is also a fear because of my urges to excercise. But I did not go to the gym and ate the choclat. And I was so scared of gainig a lot if weight. But I gained NOTHING. My cm are still the same. So there is nothing to be afraid of!!. If you want choclat eat it. Life is to short to worry about delicious food. So eat the daimn choclat if you want to!!. I'm living prove of the fact that it wont make major changes. It will not fuck up your progress. Or your diet!! And choclat is just amazing and that should be reazon enough to eat it. 🍫🍫💖 #fit #fitgirl #healthy #love #fitness #food #foodporn #fitnessgirl #foodie #nofilter #girlswholift #girlswhosquat #strongnotskinny #strengthfeed #gainingweightiscool #fitgirlsnl #fitdutchie #smile #bodypositive #selflove #ballet #ballerina #pointe #strong #dance #dancer #gym #workout #fitdutchies
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⚠️Shoulder Impingement! Very very common injury! In this post, we'll focus on the SUPRASPINATUS, one of our rotator cuff muscles that's always the "victim"! Before I explained further, let's have a look where our poor Supraspinatus is located. Refer above, you can see our Supraspinatus muscle (🔴) & its tendon (⚪️) running through a space in between the acromion & also humeral head which we called the SUBACROMIAL SPACE! When you move your arm UP, what happened is that.. the subacromial space becomes NARROW & causes the TRAPPING of supraspinatus tendon under it. IMPINGEMENT happens & then tendon starts to get irritated. When you start doing repetitive overhead movement, your tendon become further inflammed & it thickened! When it's THICK, it's making the subacromial space even NARROWER! As a result, you get reduced range of motion, pain & potentially supraspinatus tendon TEAR!. ⛔️Who's at risk? Athletes who do lots of arm OVERHEAD activity (i.e. swimming, javelin, netball, basketball) or really any activity that involves REPETITIVE movement (i.e. construction work, wall painting)!. 💢Symptoms: •PAIN when moving overhead, lifting heavy objects, or reaching for an object •Possible SWELLING & TENDERNESS in the front shoulder •REDUCED range of motion due to pain & stiffness •WEAKNESS of rotator cuff muscles & possibly other surrounding muscles - sometimes you'll be able to see LOSS of muscle bulk too on the affected side! •PAIN at NIGHT (think about sleeping position) Normally, at the beginning stage (when impingement is still MILD), people will tend to ignore it.. Only until they have caused further injury/tear, then that's when they will seek for treatment! My advice - NEVER force yourself through pain.. The pain is there for a REASON - so please don't cause yourself more DAMAGE than what you'll benefit!!. Consult a physio if you're in doubt! They can confirm w you whether you have got impingement by doing some special tests and will guide you on a proper rehab & management!
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FRIYAY | from where u'd rather b 😍 Chillaxing with an awesome view, some ice cold kombucha and devine food at @suargapadangpadang - even spotted monkeys in the tree.....until the monkey wrangler scared them away 😞. So relaxing @walter263fgb just needs a pool with a view to b happy 😊