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Finishing up The hypertrophy phase of my training and I feel and stronger than ever! Next week will be the first time I use a belt for heavy sets which before I have been belt less to build more core strength. Shoutout to @sutton_haye for the programming! 🎤:I'm rich - Danny E.B tracks 🎬 @its_vuuutuan Clothing @officialgasp @gaspbbstore
Front squats are finally coming back! Took 190 kg / 418 lb for a stroll followed by volume. I judge front squat quality based on whether or not I would be able to catch a this 190 kg moved fairly well! Mobility work, caring for the knees, and rest have done my body well. I ACTUALLY feel good today! Need to finally crush that elusive 500 lb front squat! #frontsquats #squatchallenge #olympiclifting #squatbenchdeadlift #squatchallenge #powerlifting #strongman #strongmantraining #strength #strengthcoach #strengthsports #strengthathlete #strengthandconditioning #pendlayplates #startingstrength #startingstrongman #squats #squatsfordays
His body weight is 145lbs😳 He just did 405x3 Squat, backflip, 501x3 Deadlift, backflip, & 315x3 Bench & backflip out.
White men can jump.... Not all about the gym. Playing and new skills is a great thing to do. Both mentally and physically. Great fun with the SF team today 👊🏀