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💕 such a great weekend with my @combatironapparel fam! Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth and purchased apparel! 🤗
🍂 It's funny, I generally feel like shit most days at some point. Either I'm just fucked, or tired, or my legs feel drained & heavy, or I feel weak, or I am unhappy with how I look & feel, or just generally unexcited or what's bouncing around in my head gets the best of me. It sucks. And there is a multitude of factors that all contribute in some way, shape, or form - and trying to juggle them all is a nightmare. And to top it all off, my training is currently specifically geared to fixing my weaknesses so the nice little wins I use to get regularly, are now few and far between. It is fucking with my head. Despite all that, the body is ignoring my own mind fucks & keeps ticking along like a diesel engine (most of the time). ↪️ Bring on today (aka my rest day) 5 weeks since I last tried some strongman stuff. 1️⃣ Log clean & press, up 10kg 2️⃣ Ripped the 94kg stone up for a double with NO tacky *️⃣ then for "conditioning" took a 60kg, 70kg keg and 120kg in farmers carry for a couple of laps ⚠️ So maybe the big picture isn't looking too bad.............. #strongmantraining #cbftrainingfacility #doitforyourself #betterthanyesterday @cbftrainingfacility @rogueaustralia @knee_sleeves
So here is a synopsis of the #midatlanticstrongmanchallenge yesterday. I'll keep it short and sweet. I took 3rd place and qualified for the Arnold 2018. Training for this competition broke my body. It was by far the hardest contest I've ever had to train for and really tested whether or not I wanted to follow through on competing as a Strongwoman. It was brutal. And the contest was brutal x10. In the beginning I was getting really frustrated with myself bc I wasn't lifting/doing what I had in the gym previously. But, what social media and many others don't know are all the negative physical therapy reports I've gotten 😅😅 from a dislocated shoulder 4 weeks ago, a previously dislocated rib that decided to pop out again less than 2weeks ago and a pulled IT band...I kept training, kept fighting and did my best to stay ready for this day. When it comes down to it, my strength wasn't developed enough to take the win. It's going to take a dozen more contests and a dozen more injuries for me to be ready for this type of win. But- I already knew this. I chose this contest to test myself and find out what my breaking points were and also to meet the other competitors. I learned a lot about myself and others around me and I'm actually very happy with myself! After a rough start, I finished strongest taking 1st in the last events. I kept the mindset #whateverittakes (page out of @bamaburr book) and it got me through the fatigue, pain and even crushing my foot under 310lbs. 😅 P.S. I'll post my keg videos in a separate post.