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Do the work & more opportunities will open up! What do you think?
Beast mode or what!?95kg was on the cards hence the missed rep today at 100kg. First week of conventional deadlifting (ever) and weights are flying up day by day. I wish I had short levers... 😝Once the weight starts to grind, it's time to shred! #strength #deadlift #chickswholift #strongwomen #upfitness @women
Ya allah sehatkan hambaa seperti semula jgn sampai droop 😭jangaann sampee tahun ini lagi lagi kena jarum infusan dokter lagi😭🙏 #geetwellsoonforme #strongwomen
Become addicted to constant and never ending self improvement.
Note to self embrace the 🍍 #gymhair Do not spend time braiding your hair in a cool Dutch braid then jump rope!