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After months of hard training I can't wait to race next weekend! 🏃🏽🚴🏽🏃🏽 #duathlon 📸 :: @juliettrenee
If you are not properly fueled, hydrated, or have a nutrition recovery plan ... strength, muscle growth, and recovery will not occur. Here are some tips I would recommend for anyone doing intense training: . 1.) Hydrate. Drink fluids as soon as you get up, before a workout session, all day long, and as part of your post workout recovery. Muscles are 75% water and it's important to replenish lost fluids from sweat. . 2.) Fuel with Carbohydrates. High intensity workouts can zap your glycogen (storage of carbohydrates) in just a few minutes! Be sure to eat prior to working out so you have the energy to complete a workout and do it to your best ability to maximize results. Rice, oatmeal, pasta, yogurt, or dried fruit are all good options before your workout. Your entire meal plan should consist of approximately 50-60% carbs and the rest from a complete protein source. . 3.) Take Post Workout Recovery Serious. Intense training can leave you shaking when you've completed a workout. The biggest nutritional concern post-workout is replacing energy stores (glycogen) & repairing muscles that have been broken down. A combination of rapidly digestible carbohydrates and protein has been shown to be most effective. Personally, I take Phormula-1 and Ignition to meet these needs as they are both the fastest, and highest quality source of protein and carbs you can put into your body post workout. Wish my post workout shake, I always make sure to drink plenty of water to try and replenish lost fluids from sweat. Since Ignition has a full serving of Fat and Water Soluble vitamins and minerals, this also helps replace lost micronutrients from sweat. . 4.) Consume a Healthy Diet. As with all training, the best workouts will not be effective if proper nutrition is lacking. Start out the day with a healthy breakfast and enjoy the remaining meals and snacks full of fruit, whole grains, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, healthy fats, and lean meat. Limit your intake of fried foods, sugar, and excess calories. . Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to getting great results from your workouts. If you have any questions or need any help with your plan, reach out!
100 miles on a trainer on a road to no where may be a little more mental than ya think ..... But with good company and distractions it was totally doable. We may be broken and on the mend but we've got the strength in us to do anything! Keeping it real training as if nothing happened. #friendship #badasses #centuryrideonatrainer #staystrong #doingmybest #trainingcontinues #runfar #attitudeiseverything #trilife #ironmantraining #ituworldchampionships #teammojo #lovethepain #teamtrinomite #triguy #swimbikerun #teamusa #hokaoneone #garmin #goals #feltbikes #flowheels #penticton2017 #williamstownbadgers #wintheday #wonderlust #pinelandstriders #tri856 #run856 #teamdrb @_swimbikerungirl
40 miles today on the bike. I am one lucky lady to live in such a beautiful area! It was about 80 degrees out. My favorite guilty pleasure on a 2+ hour ride on a hot summer day is getting an ice cold cool blue Gatorade. I refer to it as the "nectar of the gods." What's your favorite hot bike ride guilty pleasure?
It's hot. But. We did it! @the4bz was feeling under the weather and we were short on time so just a quickie of a run tonight. A short, easy 3 miles in the sun with my one and only!
Saying goodbye to these two Ironman finishers. Watching the race and cheering them as a spectator opened up new perspective on Ironman, and the sport introduced me to two people who'll be friends for years to come. @trudy_tri_run and @tri_husband it was an awesome to watch a special day for you both. One of only a few photos in existence with me in it. #teamSSTeastmeetswest #trifamily #triathlonfamily #Repost @trudy_tri_run with @repostapp ・・・ Some people you meet, you know they will be a special part of your life and will always remain friends. Thank you @dinos_tri_view for making an amazing weekend extra special. #friendship #runner #running #triathlete #triathlon #imwa #tri365 #ironmantraining #swimbikerun #triathlontraining #ironmantriathlon #garminau #thetrihood #runspiration #runhappy #imbusso #ironmantri #trilife #womenintri #swimmer #swimming #ironman #swim #cycling #bike #runbrave