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Focus on YOUR strengths 💪🏼✌🏼 ✨ When we have cycled around the park, ran a PB, squatted super heavy or swam an ocean we then see people that have cycled twice around the park, ran faster, squatted heavier or swam even further and we become so disheartened. ✨ Truth is there is going to be people that are better than you but who cares!? Suck it up and do the best that YOU can do not anybody else 🙌🏼 "Comparison is the thief of joy." ✨ Sat on my bum and moved my legs in circles for 35 miles this morning along the beautiful sunny Sussex seafront ☀️ #training #athlete #fitness #health #gym #cycling #triathlon #ironman #ironman703 #swimbikerun #altura #garmin
Oh Chicago, why do you have to be so cold. Yesterday was such a perfect day and now it's freezing cold and rainy, yuck. Rain, rain go away! Still great to see so many people out on the lakefront this morning.