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SHOUT OOOOUUUUUT..... To George Buckley 💚 Not only can this golden lad Teen Hulk run 5k in under 21mins (at only aged 14) and frequently runs over 10k just for fun & feet travel. Having regularly won whatever race he competes in, he deserves to be wearing his first of many RunFlex kits too 💪🏻 Mummy Jayne Llewellyn you've raised a good one there my love Having smashed up a pretty awesomely tough class this evening he still had it in him to smile for the camera Check out the kit #ProudMammaHulk #TeamRunflex #OCR #GeniusInKitDesign #UpAndComingOCRLegend #TeamXtreme
Cold, unhappy, cold, tired, cold, confused, and did I mention cold?! #toughguy was a huge challenge for me as my body doesn't cope well with wet winter races. I'd normally love these #obstacles and in and out the ditches, but by this point in the race I wasn't entirely sure who I was and what I was doing 😵😨 #ukmq #ukmuddqueens #topformrunning #runflex #teamrunflex