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Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are such some fucking legends
I'm late (as usual) but Happy International Mens' Day! 💙❤️
swipe *me, putting hot sauce on my balls so when mario licks them he'll go "mama mia thats a spicy meatball*: oh gosh thats spicy, but anything for daddy mario *luigi bursts through the door, half naked, covered in spaghetti* shit toby you werent meant to be home yet *meanwhile mario tries to sneak past him, but i can see hkm, and he has spaghetti on him* mario: oh gosh toby it isnt what you think me: i gave you my thrussy, and this is how you repay me, daddy u have hurt me *jumps onto mario and eats him* luigi: toby no stop *tries to run* me*hunts him down, and eats him, legs first* in my thrussy you go - colour hexadecimal code: #ffaaff - #tumblr #tumblrtextpost #textpost #textposts #tumblrtextposts #instatumblr #latenightscrolling
I’m going to be everything that I want to be
i fell into a hole the other day of listening to scary 911 calls at 1am