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Hahahahhahaha jokes on you
so many mid years coming up no no no ~ B
Bad crop idc
Guys I just failed a Chem test rip me
this year, school is so tough TF
True 😩😂
"We're still waiting on the bee's review."
Barack Osavage
Dear 2/3-years-ago me (and everybody else dealing with the same): grow the fuck up. Please stop hating on One Direction just because your sister does so and you don't want to feel "basic" yeah okay they dont make songs you really listen to but they are catchy when they play on the radio. So stop pretending like you are better than others, dont listen to their songs, fine, but see the joy it brings others and appreciate it? They are there idols and that is awesome. They don't spread hate in this world so you shouldn't also. - Ok idk what this was but yeah, because I hated on them way too much and feeling 'better' than others for having a less common music taste, wtf was wrong with me ok bYE