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i just got broken, broken into two. still i call it magic. when i'm next to you and i don't, no i don't it's true i don't want anybody else but you.
they call it magic when i'm with you.
Oddly, my head has been empty all day and I don't know what to do with myself
cos you really hurt me, yeah you really hurt me. ✨
you stole my star.
why did you have to go?
"one thing i've started doing recently is: taking pictures of very ordinary things. i’ve spent years taking pictures of amazing moments, incredible adventures with friends, skies that looks like painting and stuff i feel grateful i’ve had the chance to experience with my own eyes. but do you have a pictures of the street you live in? the front of the house you’ve been living most of your life? i don’t have a single picture of my mom’s old red car, the one she used to bring me to school every day (and that our cat sneaked in to gave birth to three kitties on the backseat of it) i don’t have pictures of my old bedroom with the lovely lilac walls. i don’t have even a single picture of the jumper i've worn so many times i had to throw it away because it was ruined. not a picture of our front door that once my dad painted pink “just because why not”, and my sister’s lovely dollhouse. i am sorry for that - i've spent so many time looking for the “extraordinary things” forgetting all the rest. (via coltre on tumblr)
Part II Compilation Pt.4/6
Подведены итоги церемонии вручения музыкальных наград " #BRITAwards2017" . 22 февраля в Лондоне состоялась ежегодная церемония «BRIT Awards 2017", победители которого сложились следующим образом : -Лучшая британская певица: Emeli Sande . Лучший британский певец: #DavidBowie . Лучшая британская группа: #The1975 . Прорыв года: #RagNBoneMan . Лучший британский сингл : Little Mix — « #ShoutOutToMyEx» . Британский альбом года: David Bowie — « #Blackstar» . Лучшее британское видео: One Direction — « #History» . Лучший международный исполнитель: #Drake . Лучшая международная исполнительница: #Beyonce . Лучшая международная группа : #ATribeCalledQuest . Также специальных наград удостоились Робби Уильямс ( #Икона) и Адель ( #Глобальныйуспех) . @pro_celebrity - ваш главный музыкальный новостной портал . #LittleMix #Adele #TheWeeknd #BrunoMars #Rihanna #riri #CalvinHarris #Coldplay #OneDirection #KatyPerry #Music #Celebrity #Stars #Музыка #Знаменитости #Награждение #Шоубиз #Grammy