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Back again with another set of incredibly supportive accounts! Much love for: @capturihng & @australivgh 💞 - Also, today we will be discussing Industrialisation There are plans to expand several ports along the Great Barrier Reef coastline. Port expansion leads to dredging of the seafloor, increased shipping traffic, and a range of other impacts on the delicate coastal and marine environment of this World Heritage Area - #qotd comment your favourite type of fish ☺️? - Don't forget to sign the petition in my bio to save the Great Barrier Reef 👍🏼 @wwf_australia 🌎
Big thank you to everyone who's still here 😊 I've been losing a lot of followers and likes after turning my account into an environmental awareness page 🌎 but I don't think I'll ever stop - This has always been a passion of mine, ♥️ and today I will be sharing about another horrible danger for the Great Barrier Reef: Coral bleaching is the result of global warming🌎 caused by the mining and burning of fossil fuels like coal. Global warming is heating our 🌊oceans, and if the water stays too hot for too long, corals bleach and die. - Big shoutout to @aphriicot and @optimihstic for their extra support and shoutout 💗 #qotd what's your favourite thing about coral reefs? 🐟
Thank you for all the support! Especially on my recent posts 💖 special thanks to @seavival @admihrable and the accounts tagged for their overwhelming support! - Back to the Great Barrier Reef, if you haven't seen my last post, please check it out for more information, but today I want to focus on Farm pollution - Farm pollution is one of the key drivers of the Reef’s decline. It smothers corals and seagrass beds and denies them ☀️sunlight, drives crown of thorn starfish outbreaks, and makes coral more vulnerable to bleaching. 🌬Nitrogen run-off from farms can also lead to algal blooms, which starfish 🐠 larvae feed on, promoting population explosions. - Want to make a difference? Sign the petition in my bio (it's free) #qotd tag a friend below to share the news 💗
Hi guys! So this week I will be focusing on supporting the GREAT BARRIER REEF. Here is what the @wwf_australia has to share! - Australians and the whole world 🌎 loves the Great Barrier Reef and its breathtaking wildlife. 🐡In biological terms, the Reef is home to a treasure trove of plants and animals, 😍 many of them as yet unknown to science. - But all of this is at grave risk. The Reef is highly vulnerable. 🐟 In the past three decades, it has lost half its coral cover, suffered from pollution, is vulnerable to coastal development and global warming. 😱That’s why we need to act quickly and fight for the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef! - I will be discussing these threats in detail in the following days, so remember to follow me to stay updated ☺️ - WANT TO HELP? please click the link in bio to sign a petition to support the Great Barrier Reef (it's free) #qotd comment an emoji below if you believe we should make a difference? 🌎
♥ – heyyy xx i've been loosing heaps of followers and actives lately but i'm just past that whole thing and to be honest, follower count doesn't even matter to me anymore, i'm doing this and posting because i love it and it makes me happy talking to you guys. sorry for the mini rant ahah ✨ – #admihrable
♥ – sorry if this is late, but happy fourth of july to all my american followers and friends, hope you all had a great celebration! 🎉❤️ are you from the United States? if not, what country are you from? 🌷💫 – #admihrable