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fc ; 1839 || 4/26/17 🏠 <> Hey 💚 sorry for not posting yesterday i have a lot of homework yesterday and already forgot to post really sorry... so happy because we don't have homework for today 😄 anyways hope you all are having a great day! ! ! Comment "🌸" if haven't like your recent. <> Qotd: house or apartment Aotd: house
- Hi loves! It's been a while, but I'm finally back and posting ☺️ thank you for sticking around! To thank you guys for following me, I wanted to remind y'all of the gorgeous pieces I've gotten recently 💕 - Necklaces: @sweetheartjewelrybox "SWEETXO" for 15% off Sunglasses: @shopcheeky_ "FELICITY" for 10% off - Both shops have amazing customer service and it would be great if you could follow them ☺️ their feeds are so lovely! #qotd comment a heart emoji if you read this ❣️
Fucked and getting worse
⚫⚪ - New Era
- I'm currently obsessing over my simply gorgeous moonstone, half-sun and moon necklaces by @sweetheartjewelrybox 💞 - Absolutely stunning, I encourage you to check out their store! I promise you'll FALL IN LOVE with their range of dainty pieces 😍I honestly cannot recommend them enough, their lovely brand even sends out handwritten notes with their aesthetic packaging! (Swipe to see) - #qotd do you prefer: 🌙 Moonstone or sun? - - Don't forget to use "SWEETXO" for 15% off storewide 💗 {model: @maddyy_ic }
- It's been a busy week 💗 but in a good way :) - #qotd 🌥are you a morning or night person? 🌅
- Guys so thankful for 4.1k!! Psalm 13:16 🌷going to try to post more often xx - #qotd 💞what's one thing you're thankful for?
- 'la vita a bella' 💞 - life is beautiful #qotd comment what season you're in using emojis? 🍁
Forever in love with my grey mesh pouch by @shopcheeky_ it's so minimalistic and chic, I use it all the time ☺️ - #qotd what's one thing you can't live without? 💕 - Also don't forget to use the discount code "FELICITY" at checkout for 10% off!! 😉 #cheekysquad
Thank you guys for 4k 💞😱You're all so amazing and I'm so grateful xx 🌊 - #qotd live by the sea or in the city? 🌃
Literally my whole aesthetic in one picture, ☺️ elegant and carefree at the beach 🌊 - - #qotd describe your aesthetic in two words?
The perfect shades of colour on these shells 😍 🐚 - #qotd comment pink emojis below? 💕