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Il barman più invidiato d'Italia! 🍓🍹 #thereturn
Playing college football was gods calling 🙏🏽 He told me it ain't over 🎯 Next season at whatever University I decide will definitely be something to see 🤘🏽 #TheReturn
AMY SHIELS TO ATTEND TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL 2017! Peakies! We are very pleased to announce that AMY SHIELS has accepted our invitation to the 2017 TWIN PEAKS UK FESTIVAL! As a new cast member in TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN Amy has proved hugely popular with fans in her role of the adorable CANDIE who lives her life with the casino owning, wheeling dealing MITCHUM BROTHERS in Las Vegas. Originating from Ireland, Amy currently resides in LA but is looking forward to coming to London to meet all the PEAKIES this side of the pond after having a great time at the US Fest. Just maybe no-one hand her the remote..... BOOK YOUR TICKETS NOW!
This morning was such a defining moment for the city of Birmingham & @uab_fb 🐉 What a difference one year makes! #GoBlazers
Serving at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the UAB Football Operations Building was an honor. We are so excited for the return of UAB football!! #thereturn #uabfootball
New York City ! It's #TheReturn ! @OneAfrica_MusicFest is back! August 19th at the Coney Island Amphitheater come and whiteness Africas biggest music mega stars under one roof. Be thrilled and entertained with the high energy and blazing sounds of afrobeats hottests acts ! Starring @Psquare @TiwaSavage @OfficialAlikiba @2niteFlavour @LinkyFirst @Teknoofficial @DavidoOfficial @VictoriaKimani @FalzTheBahdGuy @CassperNyovest @Official2baba @ShattaWalenima @WandeCoal @BankyWellkngton @muokamillsExp @TimayaTimaya @DjMaphorisa @DjSpinall and more #OAMF #OneAfricaMusicFest