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Hello y'all I would like to reintroduce myself. I'm the new and improved Brittany, that isn't going to let her past define her progress or her future any longer!! * * @megmo7 is seriously an 👼 in disguise. This girl is seriously changing my world not just my physique. She said something to me yesterday and it really hit me as thought about it during the day. That I am a new Brittany, to stop thinking this is the point I always give up, that I can't get beyond this point. That Brittany is in my past, I don't know that girl. This is a new start and a new me. So that's what I'm going to do. * * So thanks Meg for opening up my eyes,heart, and mind. You mean so much more than just a coach to me, you truly are a friend. Blessed to be working with you. * * So here's to a new and fresh start. Here's to pushing myself harder and further than I have in a long time!! #slapfam #basicalliefit #thisisme #gettingfit #getfit #fitness #fitnessjourney #doingitforme #cantstopwontstop #lift #cardio #bodybuilding #stronger #stronglikeagirl #girlswithmuscle #womenwhosupportwomen #womenwholift #girlswholift #momgettingfit #findingme #progress #dedication #motivation
I learned a lot about myself this weekend... Scheduling "me time" is not usually a priority. I often feel I need to apologize for having large goals. I need to get better at leaning in to God. Jumping out of my comfort zone still isn't easy. ✨✨✨ But I was also reminded of how much I've grown as a woman, leader, and a daughter in these past few years. Realizing I am in a new season of growth is exciting because with the help of some really wonderful people, I've realized God is using this time to again shape me. ✨✨✨ So I am now working toward being someone who... Makes "me time" an essential aspect of every day. Never apologizes for what I achieve, my dreams or the desires god places in my heart. Leans into God for clarity and peace. Embraces new, even scary, experiences that will help me grow. ✨✨✨ If you want your life to be of more value, join me in continually becoming a better version of YOU!
Me all day!!!! #youAreNotOne 🤷🏾‍♀️ please ignore the F word if it offends’s my fav 🤦🏾‍♀️ #thisISme
Accurate. ☝🏼😆 And occasionally if absolutely necessary, I’ll break out the wrinkle release. #whydoievenownaniron
Is not easy being a housewife, but i did it for 6 years up until now Alhamdulillah.. gak terbayang sebelum nya di masa sekolah dan kuliah yang selalu aktif ikut ekstrakukikuler, club kampus dan sempat jg dikasih kesempatan jadi ketua OSIS, shooting ini itu, ikut Miss Earth was awesome. . . . Semenjak menikah langsung tergerak hati utk fokus jadi ibu rumah tangga. Lingkungan sekitar pasti kaget (keluarga & teman2), but i'm enjoy it very much. With no Nanny / babysitter, asisten rumah tangga dll nya. Saya menghargai semua profesi di dunia ini, apapun itu as long as it's Halal.. . . . Selalu menekankan ke diri sendiri utk berusaha tampil semaksimal mungkin dan urus badan dengan jaga asupan itu bisa jadi obat semangat diri loh. Pengalaman di awal nikah dan baru punya anak, badan tu gemuk nyaaa maksimal.. rasa gak PD, drop pasti bgt. Apalagi banyak liat temen2 masih pada seger semua, kerja di kantor tampilan cantik, bisa hangout sana sini (penyakit manusia = iri pasti ada). Trus singkat nya hamil fata mulai deh jaga asupan dll nya, baru terasa beda nya. Punya anak2 yang sehat itu udh luar biasa banget anugerah dari Allah, udh gak ush ngeluh. Bersyukur bersyukur bersyukur Alhamdulillah 😊😊 . HAVE A NICE MONDAY (lanjut nyuapinin anak hahaha..) . . #myconfenssion #morning #curhat #ibu #ika #motherof2son #parentinglife #housewife #life #bersyukur #greatful #insatagood #instalike #instagram #thisisme #myself #proudibu #proudtobehousewife #muslimah #hijab #simple #fashion