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นี่หลับหรือตาย สภาพก่อนลงเวรดึก ใครแกล้งเค้าบ้างก็ไม่รู้😅 น็อค👻 #work #sosleepy #tierd #backtosleep Photo by @natt_suptawee เรียกว่าคนแอบถ่ายจะดีกว่า 555
Best fast made nudles of them all. Also a kind of good night. I feel so overtierd and also kind of happy, that I started to speak with mom a lot. I only speaks a lot when I became to tierd. Also when I'm happy, which I am. (Back to nudles), because I thought I bought the wrong product, but found out that it was what I wanted and became happy. So happiness and a sleepyhead on the same time (when it's me) always becomes a nonstop talking person - to summarize everything. 💤👍🍜 #sleepy #tierd #nudles #yumyum #speaksalot #happy #mylife