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#dailyconvowithbabyJ . Solo parenting night so I decided to bring her out for dinner. We were in the q for bus. . J:”Mummy, can you carry me to sit please?” Me:”No.. I can’t carry you.” . No problem.. I can climb up on my own. 🙈 I actually didn’t feel safe for her but she looked so comfortable so I let her be. The kind aunty in front couldn’t helped it but told her “cannot sit there, later fall down.” J looked at me and I gave her a smile and she continued sitting. . #tomboygirl #toddler #toddlertalk #toddlerindependence #我的女儿长大了 #sahmlife #mumlife #sahm #motherhood #letthemclimb #trust #maderiji #7upcnyootd
Good morning ya'll, It's Monday! Stay blessed and have a good week. Try to think of at least three things you are grateful for each morning, you'll feel great by Friday!! ❤