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If you put me down, you best not be there when i get back up. 👹
We support the man who emits grit, follows his gut, seeks thrills and is known for his valour. You’ve lived a life of ambition, determination and purpose – so why stop now? ✖️ Take the plunge and get back to living an epic life. Let's do this. Hit the link in our bio.
. Many times during moments of "dis-ease" our whole focus surrounds that particular experience, and many times even when that experience has passed and we began to walk away our minds bring back those moments of dis-ease. During such moments, beware of them..... be mindful of the fact that you keep bringing up these experiences and every time such thoughts begin to rise, stop them and begin focusing on the good in which you want to bring into this world. . . #becomewhoyouare
E vamos entrando na 2 semana do projeto #8weeks2fit . Parece que quando entra em dieta tudo conspira contra você, as vontade começam a aparecer, os convites pra festas e jantares aumentam. Sim meus lindos clientes, amigos e seguidores, eu entendo que é assim mesmo que funciona, mas não compreendo que se deixam levar por apenas 15 minutos de saciedade mesmo sabendo que aquilo que está comendo é felicidade momentânea e muito em breve vai bater aquele arrependimento de ter comido que vai durar um bom tempo. #overallteam @coachrubensgomes
Sometimes when reaching for the stars you may feel like there's a 100 lb. sandbag in your hands holding you down! It's a TEST!! DON'T LET UP! KEEP PUSHING!! . Stay flat, persevere and power through! Never has there been a road to greatness that didn't have speed bumps and road blocks! . They were put there to weed out those who are weak-willed, without drive, passion and desire. . Only those who have the desire, fortitude, will to fight, work hard and sacrifice...will make it!! . You must be willing to fight through pain, adversity, naysayers, cynics, hate...anything and everything to make it to the TOP! If you think you won't run into these things...THINK AGAIN!! They are the calling cards of the weak and insecure!! Prepare for it!! . Question you have what it takes to stay strong and #win . #howbaddoyouwantit . . . . #mindset #training #crusheverything #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #wedothework #duespaid #trainlikeyoumeanit #traininsane #fight #hardwork #persistance #perserverance #igmilitia #train #fitness #ready #workout #intense #focus #workoutmotivation #loveit #instadaily #motivation #mondaymotivation