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Dip Progressions for the finish! . 💪🏾🙏🏾✊🏾 . . . . In lieu of making today as challenging and as "fun" as possible with an empty gym, I took advantage of trying some inversions on the Roman Chair! Not the cleanest but, slow progress is always better than no progress!! . . Supersetted this movement with some traditional dips to finish up with more volume and really have those triceps on 🔥 Any ❓❓ 📬 OnlineTraining . . Movement Shown . ▪️progressed dip to inversion- 5 reps ▪️(superset not shown) traditional dips-15 reps x3 💪🏾 .☀️ . . Be creative and have fun during your workouts! . 👨🏾‍💻👨🏾‍🍳👨🏽‍🏫🤙🏾 🐝💨🌎🙏🏾 ___________________________________________ #fitness #motion #move #bodyweight #strength #sunday #stability #balance #core #build #muscle #shred #fatloss #weightloss #train #lift #fitnessmotivation #challenge #healthy #healthylifestyle #eatgood #trainhard #stayhumble #alwaysbuzzin
Je ne l'avais pas encore officiellement annoncé sur les réseaux sociaux pour éviter d'être distraite, influencée ou jugée... Sauf que plusieurs commencent à me questionner & certains le savent déjà 🙈 Alors voilà ; Je suis présentement en préparation pour ma toute première compétition internationale. 👙✨💪 Dans 8 semaines je monterai sur une scène qui accueillera des compétiteurs du Canada, des États-Unis & du Mexique! Je suis 100% focus sur mon objectif qui est de me battre moi même, d'apporter une nouvelle version & la meilleure condition physique de ma vie. Ce sera ma 4e compétition, mais on essaie une préparation complètement différente cette fois; de nouvelles méthodes & une nouvelle approche afin d'atteindre le niveau physique auquel je vais devoir me battre. Encore 8 semaines à donner TOUT ce que j'ai.. Let's do this !! 👊💥 #benweiderlegacycup
"FOCUS!" -( @therock voice) Leg training has completely changed for me over the years. In my early 20's and through last year I was so focused on squatting and pressing as much weight as the bigger guys in the gym. I thought to myself, the more weight the better. Well not anymore.. sure I still squat moderately heavy sets but nowhere near the weight I used to do. Instead, it's all about the mind & muscle connection and control. I get way better workouts now that I am training with a smarter, more focused approach. Incorporating wayyy more volume and failure sets than I used to and my joints have thanked me for it. In the end, the goal isn't to lift as MUCH as you can, it's to lift as LONG as you can. I don't want to be 50 and saying "back when I was your age in the gym I ...", I want to be 50 and still in the gym!! 💪💪 keep grinding everyone! #focus 🎥: @morganam4
Another day closer. Every damn day you have the choice to chase your dreams or you can choose to have those dreams stay dreams and continue to live a life that you may or may not regret in the end. It's that simple there are no excuses no feeling bad for yourself cause you chose the path you are on and you sure as hell can choose to change that path to head towards what you want most! Hold yourself accountable and stop caring what others think cause at the end of the day it's what YOU want to see in the mirror that matters most. Happy Sunday stats are 207 today down from 215 a month ago 2 more weeks left of cutting then its back to gaining keep it clean and lean gains! #grind #midwestfitfam #teamfs #trainhard #embracetheprocess #41weeksout #choices @thefitnessshoppe @taintedindustriesclothing @ceastvold @aestheticsocietyapparel @npcironviking