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Go all the way ————————————————————— The trophy is that feeling of gratitude that you have, and appreciation you have of yourself because you stuck to something, and you did it. ————————————————————— Wer von euch will mal einen Wettkampf machen ?
Big shake up to our memberships! We’re always about adding value and we’re going to make this summer your summer to be in the best shape of your life. Our £67 a month membership now includes all our Boot Camps, starting as of now! Existing members paying £67 a month you are now able to enjoy any of our fantastic Boot Camps. If you’re currently paying £59 and want to start doing the Boot Camps, just let us know and we can change your DD to £67. Boot Camps include our updated ‘Success to Fat loss Manual’. Boot Camps 7am Mon, Wed, FRI – HIIT 45 minutes 10am Mon, Wed, Fri – Fat Burner 45 minutes 7pm Mon, Wed, Fri – Fat Burner 45 minutes 8pm Mon, Wed, 7:30pm Fri – Strongman/ Strong girl Cardio 45 minutes 7pm Tues, Thurs – HIIT 45 minutes 6 month Contract on memberships #codefitness #gym #teamcode #gymlife #fatloss #results #health #love #nutrition #trainhard #fit #fitness #instagood #weightloss #bootcamps
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