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A beautiful sunrise on the last day of our three week holiday in Japan. Six flights ✈️ six cities 🇯🇵 four days of skiing ⛷ 30km of cycling 🚲 approximately 200km of walking 👟 countless bowls of ramen 🍜 and numerous whiskey highballs and Asahi 🥃🍺 Until we meet again, Japan. ✌🏼 || #sunrise #explore #wanderlust #winter #cold #snow #plane #travel #Tuesday #morning #potd
Light and sound show at Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad! Depicting the history and culture of the area 😍 #GoBanjare #travel
Back to a time where nothing mattered except how much Europe sun I could get ☀️🏛
Get lost with me. | Tacloban - Baybay Boundary, Leyte
~ 🚁Paramount Airlines helicopter crash🚁 •Date; june 3, 2007 •Summary; Mechanical failure •Operator; Paramount Airlines •Type of aircraft; Mil Mi-8 •Passengers; 20 •Crew; 2 •Fatalities; 22 •Survivers; 1