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#uci 2017 road world championships in my hometown #Bergen 🤘
My mom (on the right) did her first triathlon today and I am so so proud of her. . Little did I know when I started my tri journey 1 year ago that I would get so many training hours on the bike with my mom (she got 1st on the bike leg in the "first timers group") and ultimately inspire her to start the sport. You go, mom!!
Getting some hill work in.
Happy bike ride on the sunny 🌞island Mallorca. What a wonderful place!
Moments before the boat start at Texel half marathon. Had fun while running..just 2 more to go before the holidays start with my family. They have been a big support in this road!
Dream big. Start small. Work hard. Stay focused. Keep moving forward. 🔝 . . As one season is about to close, I'm already hungry for next season. This year was (and continues to be) all about fun. Short and sweet. Doing what I want, when I want. Little to no structure or schedule. It's been good for my body and soul. I'm ready to take on my BIG athletic goals again. Breaking 5 hours in a 70.3, my current PR is 5:04, re-qualify for Boston, and conquer the 5 mile OWS in Lake Minnetonka are all goals of mine that I set aside for 2017; but I'll be attacking in 2018!!! ⭐️ . . #nevergiveup #gopro #goals #dreambig #ready #dedication #determination #focus #mermaid #swim #tri365 #triathlete #motivation #fitmom #fitness #jolyn #bringiton #womenfortri
She did a thing and hiked a lot of mountains, and she's not stopping any time soon. 🏔🏔🏔 (48/48 NH 4000 footers!)