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Someone asked me if I miss anything from home being away for so long. Husband? Nah. I said my bike! 🙈😁🚴🏻 This old boy is my daily ride- gears don't work, tires need air every three days ha. Got my need to go ride filled in the blazing sun and it kicked my butt- I think it was harder than the 180km in Ironman. First ride of any distance since October. We rode, hiked, then swam in amazing waters. So worth the sweat and crispy skin. 🚴🏻☀️🔥 #teambetty2017
You will never race alone! Team tactics on Sunday before walking away with two podium spots #coogeetri
The sound of summer! #i4Melbourne in full swing... Great turn out, tough main set and another 10mins work into the core! But no one remembers that bit... #i4coaching
Hot afternoon run. High temperatures and humidity making it feel that little bit harder. Good preparation however for racing in the Phillipines later this year.
My toes and fingers went numb afterwards. #cold❄
Harbours, headwinds and a hangover💨🏃🏽‍♀️ After an impromptu Sunday session with the girls yesterday, today was off to a slow start. Dragged (and I mean DRAGGED) myself to the gym at lunch for a 5km-er on the treadmill (felt like 20kms uphill). Then, of course, I felt awesome (bc that's why we love running) and added 9kms to my day by jogging home. 🔸 🔸 #iloverunning #hangover #trifit #triswimpics #triathlontraining #triathlon #swimming #swim #bike #cycle #cycling #run #running #swimbikerun #tri #ironmantraining #roadtoironman703 #tri365 #70point3
Very late at uploading a picture today and that's because I was waiting on my new video to upload to YouTube. Check it out on my site
Great to see my swim times slowly coming back to where they were towards the peak of last season. Was a time a few months ago that 12x100 off 1:45 wouldn't have happened now every interval was coming in around 1:37-1:38. 😀 Lots of improvement to come and need to ensure I'm hitting my 3 sessions a week every week... . . . No 📷 from today so one from the vault📍Aquarelax Svidník