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Inch by inch I'm slowly getting closer to my goals: sub-25 minute 5km. Tonight's plan was to run 4km in sub-5:15kms, and I squeaked out 4.2km in 5:08! This goal suddenly feels like it might be attainable after all. Not every run is a great run, but they all add up to progress. 🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️ . #fitnessmotivation #strava #stravarun #tri365 #trilife #triathlon #triathlete #triathlontraining #whyirun #wintertraining #winterrunning #buildthebase #runlikeagirl #runhappy #runner #runnerslife
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Three years ago today was my big 18 hour mastectomy and reconstruction. This was about 36 hours later in the CCU. I can honestly say this seems like a lifetime ago. When you get a diagnosis of cancer, you think that will be your life forever. That it will define you. I was lucky to catch mine in an early stage and have doctors who pushed me to be aggressive with my treatments. Now I am thrilled that what defines me is my drive to be better. A better mentor, wife, mom, realtor, tri athlete and human being. It's been a crazy ride, but as I told Robert yesterday, I would not trade one minute of it! It's my journey, and I am loving the path! . . #teamhopson #triathlete #trichicks #tri365 #bcsurvivor #breastcancer #doepicshit #whywetri #whyirace #im50 #ironmantri #ironmantraining
Just drop'n in to say, "hi!" ************************************************ I had a tough threshold swim this morning, but it's done and I am better for it! Looking forward to the TriDot training in Galveston this weekend. Happy Monday! ************************************************ Monday Workout 🏊🏻‍♀️ Threshold marker set 10x 100 for time Total 2,200 meters
Öppet i veckan! - Göteborgs enda triathlon- och swimrunbutik 🏊🏻🚴🏻🏃🏼💥😃
It was raining this morning when the alarm went off for my run. I turned off the alarm and went back to sleep. I went to work and tried all day to talk myself into just skipping today's workout. But I'm just not built that way. I don't want to "run the race" without knowing I've given it my all. I want to know I've done all I can. #givingitmybest #mondaymotivation #iamvelocity #idontstop #iwearvelocity #neverstopever
When I saw that last Friday's swim session was 24x100s, I was like..”really?!!”. Sometimes when I have to do a lot of repetitions of a particular set or distance (100 yds in this case) I tend to lose focus (half way through the workout, sometimes at the very beginning). I think it’s because 24 seems to be such a looooong number! Luckily the session went very well today, I think it went well for 2 reasons: 1.- I MENTALLY PREPARED MYSELF for the set. On my way to the pool I told myself that I was going to complete the set, not matter what (and I say this because I swam by myself this time, which I hate! boring!). and 2.- My coach told me that this was AN IMPORTANT SESSION (knowing that that was a critical session,it made me focus more, besides, I didn’t want to disappoint her). At the end,2400 yds is not that big of a distance (especially if you are training for a half or full ironman), but finishing the set strong was a great confidence booster! And you? How do you approach situations like this when you have to do lots of sets of the same distance? #digdeepboco ------------------------- FULL VID 👉
🎶I love it when we're crusin' together🎶🚴🏻🚴🏼‍♀️ • • • • • Daylight savings time is almost here and for the first time ever, I'm so ready to spring forward! More daylight equals more training time which mean more rides with my favorite two-legged training partner.