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Cracking day for an open water swim! ☀️🌊 Said everyone... except @trijugglinglife because she was sidetracked dealing with multiple jelly fish stings 🤒😬 #sorrysammy #ouch #ows
1st session: 15km track fartlek on a hot and humid morning...didn't remember much for the last 2km. 🏃🏽
B R I C K 🚴🏻🏃 Sunday morning sesh done and dusted with @taraladd_86 2hr of spinning and intervals + 15min run. Legs pulled pretty off the back of yesterday's long run. Fuelled by @pro4mancesportsnutrition Bring on the gong tri next week 👍 now give me some ☕️ #tripleshot
Still smiling post triathlon 🏊‍♀️🚴‍♀️👟⏱