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Shoulder Passovers. A great indication of our shoulder health. Try this: . . Stand infront of a mirror..... Can you pass the band over and behind in a smooth, even movement or does one shoulder lead with the other awkwardly following? . . . Without good mobility we have no chance of building strength, power and good technique.(These can be done with a band, towel or broomstick) #strengthforendurance #upperbodyday
Egy éve ilyenkor már maraton lázban égtem. Idén nem tudtam annyi időt szánni a futásra, hogy esélyem legyen jó idővel maratont futni. Így lett a félmaratonom is PW😜, de! Nem kell, hogy mindig jól essen, nem kell, hogy mindig jól menjen. Just do it! (Egy zseniális és örökzöld szlogen-ami üt, és igaz mindenben). Semmiképp sem szeretnék kimaradni a klassz kis versenyekből. Szóval kell egy maraton -a lelkemnek! 🤘🏻 #futasrol_noknek #lovecycling #loverunning #nymarathon #nycmarathon2016 #marathonmom #instarunning #instarunning #triathlontraining #trichicks #tcsnewyorkcitymarathon2016 #tcsnycmarathon
I'm hoping this is true! I'm doing my first ever Triathlon on Saturday! @worrylessdesign
Espresso martinis and pulled jackfruit tacos to start the day 💖👅 love that I can be both a vegetarian and an alcoholic here 💁🏻
Two miles with the #DC Aquatics Club. Me and five dudes in a lane in which I'm one of the slowest #swimmers means I get pushed past my comfort zone and challenged all night long. I was definitely losing steam by the end. I hope #DCAC can fix my mess of a #swim!
STARVE your distractions.. Feed your FOCUS'.. 👊👊👊 nicely done on a gorgeous morning @emma_quinn_88 💕💞👌🏻Ridebikesbehappy peeps!! 👭 🚲 👟 ☕ like the kit? Its available NOW. - jump on our link in the bio above ! WORLDWIDE shipping UK . USA.EUR. ASIA .. EXPRESS POST for all orders.. and AFTERPAY. 😊 DESIGNED BY AUSSIE MUMS in Aussie for ALL women #inspiring women #mumfit #mumlyf #cyclingmumsaustralia #outsideisfree #ridebikesbehappy #womenscycling #cyclelikeagirl #ridelikeagirl #swimbikerun @chickswhoridebikes @travelplaylivemagazine @cyclingbrisbane @sheridesau @womenskit @auskitday @kitfitcycling @kitdopin @planetcycles #mumswhocycle #babesridebikes #trichicks #catfishdesigns
My preferred mode of transportation any day would be on two wheels. But our city isn't bike-friendly, unfortunately. Hasn't the traffic been insane the past few days?!
🏊🏻‍♀️Sometimes you go for a run & sometimes you just run stairs. I waited until there was a break in all the rain today and ran some stairs to get a workout completed for today. 👊🏻 #RunStairs