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💘🎶 • I can't believe that I have made it this far on my yoga journey. I'm finally able to kick back onto the wall into adho mukha vrksa/handstand pose. You can see after so many attempts that it began to look a lot smoother in the last clip. In no way have I mastered the full pose, but it is getting one step closer. I'm posting this to celebrate progress and the accomplishments we have everyday. Many of my friends, including me, have completed their first year of college. For some, their first semester. And if you've just applied or are waiting to be accepted, you too, should be proud. I've also seen those who will be graduating from high school, have graduated college, grad school... that is all amazing. You are all amazing. All of our time, effort, and dedication continues our journey. We are all free to celebrate and have pride in all the things we do, whether it is small or big. Whether it's just getting out of bed or getting a new job, you are making progress. Like your breath in yoga, don't ever stop. Your breathing is a part of you that must continue even through challenging poses. Life may be difficult now, but it will get easier because you will become stronger. Gains, not just physical but mental! 🏋🏻‍♀️But if you're tired, take a well-deserved break. Just don't give up on your progress and throw all of it away. Treat yourself and love yourself. Namasté 🕉 • • song: Jason's Song (Gave It All Away) - Ariana Grande
Día 7: Postura del árbol #vrksana Terminamos el día y la primera semana del reto con esta postura de equilibrio. Parece sencilla de hacer pero el problema radica con el poderse mantener firme. Sientes al principio inestabilidad en la base, pero un pequeño truco para poder estarse quieto es o tener los ojos cerrados o mirar un punto fijo inamovible. En fin, espero que hayáis disfrutado del fin de semana! Namaste 🙏 #YogaEnCasa2017 @almadeindali @luzm.arrondo
Hoppy Easter!! Bunny mochi ftw💃🏻 Thank you @matchastand_maiko 🙏🏼 Thank You ☝🏼Yay happy to remember the reason for the bunny season 🐰
Peaceful morning yoga thwarted by my ninjas ⚔️