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I must say its truly a blessings 🙏 when you make the choice to do whatever it takes to be the best person you can be 👌, its like a weight lifted of your shoulders 🏋 12 months ago i wasnt in the best shape 😒 (i was 234lbs now im 180lbs), i hated my 6 figure job selling real estate and was miserable 👀 (working a 9 to 5 eating away at my soul, now i drink 9.5 #kangen 💦) and i had a toxic relationship 🙅, loved her but there was no growth ( im no longer in that relationship) So last year 12 months ago after i bought my machine 💧 i made a goal and UNDERSTOOD things would change for the good ☺ and things wouldnt be the same, i had to accept that things would be different and id lose people and things in my journey 🚶 But it was all for the better 🤘 and i tried and still try to help people along the way and here i am now telling you my small story 📖 .. im glad im at were im at, i dont what would have happened if i didnt make a change 💯 I told myself id do whatever it took to be the best i could be so i made the Choice to WIN 🏆 ... not just financially 💵, physically 💪 and emotionally 💏 but in every aspect of my life 😇 #life #enagic #scottshares #choosetowin 🔑 Pic cred: @thisisbrill
Aloha, Congrats to Nina and Milo on there amazing wedding day . We appreciate you letting us be a part of it . Here's a couple pictures of some of the food. Mac nut encrusted Mahi Mahi with a lilikoi beurre blanc sauce. Fresh ahi poke in wonton bowls with toasted Wasabi sesame seeds and avocado Basil shrimp stir fry . Jumbo coconut prawns with lime mango chili sauce. There was lots more but didn't get pics :( We're at #kam1 today from 11 -8 Come on by for some amazing food. Time for lunch ?808-268-7018 #mauifoodtrucks #fourseasons #grandwailea #bestshrimpever #foodtruck #alohathaifusion #mauifoodtrucks #kihei #wailea #foodtrucksonmaui #mauivacation #thaifood #mauiThai #lahaina #garlicshrimp #kihei #alohathaifusion #wailea #worldmarkMaui #worldmark #maui #kiheicafe #thaifood #Thai Maui #Thai hawaii #Thaiwork
Breakfast with a view 🌴
It's lit! 🔥🌴🔥
Chilly breezes on Maui can sometimes feel like Fall back East...but warm smiles don't usually accompany them ... 🍂