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Te pienso cuando no estas, te extraño cuando no escribes, te sueño cuando no duermo y te quiero aunque no debería... #Luthien #Tinuviel #water/fire
#RepostPlus @sofigomezu - - - - - - ¡Día internacional del agua! Hoy es un día para pensar cómo consumimos agua, un día para reflexionar y cambiar nuestros malos hábitos. Para que podamos seguir disfrutando de paisajes así, y asegurar ecosistemas limpios y propicios para la vida marina 💙💙💙💙 #savethewater #worldwaterday #water #girlswhofreedive #freedivers #freediving #girlsthatfreedive #love #freediving #freedivelife #freedive #blue #oceaner #mermaid #mermaiding #nature #girls Photo by @johnnydeep110
Water filters provide better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine and bacterial contaminants.
#Repost @natgeo ・・・ Photo by @amivitale | Children carry water for their teacher in Zigberi, a remote part of Burkina Faso in the desert region near the Mali border. The village had no school; after years of waiting, the parents, desperate to get an education for their children, decided to build their own. Female education in Burkina Faso and West Africa is particularly difficult, given the demands placed on the women and girls in society to do all the household work, such as pounding the millet, preparing food, and getting wood and water, which is sparse and often kilometers away. Today is World Water Day: billions worldwide still do not have access to clean water. Women and girls spend 200 million collective hours daily seeking and hauling water for their communities, a task that steals their time and potential. Learn more, including how you can help, by following @amivitale and looking for organizations, locally and globally, making clean water a reality for everyone. #water #cleanwater #worldwaterday