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This week has been busy! Have been working my ass off in the gym lately ! Lots of cardio and high intensity training! Spending around 2 hours in the gym, seeking those results! And I can tell you right now my body is totally feeling it! So I'm treating myself to a day off and a cheatmeal! Also my supplements have arrived thanks to outlaw laboratory! I'll post a pic of what I got in the next couple of days! But now time to relax! 🙌🏽🍕 - - #gains #training #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #inspo #weights #tired #train #cardio #cheatmeal #sore #fitnessmodel #apparel #gymlife #gymnation #fitnation #muscles #ripped #lean #goals #athlete #fitwear #bootyfordays #anytimefitness #food #pizza #smashgoals #fitnessjourney #supplements
• PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH • . A coach I really admire once told me 'how can you ask your clients to step up to higher level if you don't consistently step up too?' . I had three brave clients step up to the plate to complete in the F1rst Class Fitness Ultimate 8 Week Challenge and as a sign of solidarity I agreed to step up too. If I was to ask them to commit to the challenge of no alcohol, controlled, healthy eating and consistent training for 56 days, I had to prove that I could do it myself. . 2016 was a difficult and challenging year for me. In July I resigned from my advertising career, worked to complete my Cert III and Cert IV in Fitness, applied for PT jobs and started laying the foundations to start my own business. I had my relationship end, my stress and anxiety levels were through the roof and I felt it affect every aspect of my life. I had to scale back my training to focus on recovery, my mental wellbeing and improving sleep. During this time my nutrition and eating habits also became inconsistent. Ultimately I was struggling to keep my head above water with both my physical and mental health. . Fast forward to today and I feel like a completely different person. I love my job, my training, my body and the people I am lucky enough to have around me. I've got a long way to go both mentally and physically but I know now that I am on the right track. It's all come down to constant learning, a positive mindset, tenacity and discipline. . For the last 8 weeks I 100% committed to my meal plan, training structure and no drinking. I used my @myzonemoves Heart Rate strap to track all calories burned and the Easy Diet Diary app to track all calories consumed. My goal was to reach 23% body fat, and while on paper I came up short, I gave it everything I had and I am very proud of what I achieved. Here are my results: . Weight: 57.2kg down to 54.0kg Fat loss: -2.9kg Body Fat Percentage: 30.0% down to 26.7% Abdomen/hip circumference: -5.1cm Total body circumference loss: -12.1cm . Thank you to those who have supported me. You know who you are and I am so grateful. . Bring it on 2017. I've got big big plans for you and this is just the start.
Can't believe it's less than 4 weeks until I'm back in LA 🙏🏼🇺🇸☀️ - So much planning with @itslaurendotcom @holliephilippa @alqxx 💃🏼 can't wait to get out there 😎
🇺🇸 Good morning #coffee - junkys ☕️ it's friday 🎉 so i'll go to #office now and after work it's time to shop my #FOOD 😍 I love #foodshopping ! Do you like it ??? 🍓🥑🥒🥜🍥 PS: Can you see my unicorn's?🦄😂❤ Have a nice day #fitfam !!! 😘
Arabesque or single leg deadlift. I love this exercise for unilateral strength. Main focal points should be maintaining a nice neutral spine and hinging through your hips.