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Goodnight 😉 . Credit: beeboism
im in so much drAMA AT SCHOOL HOLY SHIT
Guys I get that a lot of people go through depression (I do too) but the fact that people are legitimately mad at the writers because they didn't use a trigger warning is pretty unbelievable. This show is 99.9% blood, gore, and trauma. Things like that can mess someone up, it was part of a story. I feel so bad for everyone who was "triggered" by tonight's episode but it's not like suicide hasn't been discussed before. Yes, if you get triggered easily, I get why you're pissed off, but at the same time it's not the writers obligation to be politically correct all the time. I'm sorry if you had a hard time with tonight's episode, but it was part of the story and I actually thought it made it better. I really loved tonight's episode, sorry to those who didn't, but don't go around bagging on the writers for not saying anything about it. ••• #mishacollins #jensenackles #jaredpadalecki #supernatural #spn #spnfamily #fandoms #alwayskeepfighting #thecw #castiel #dean #sam #winchesters #youarenotalone
That video is so great
I told my friend(s) i'd get breakfast w them at 6:30 tomorrow before school but ive been plying pokemon sun for hours and now it's midnight hhahahah no regrets
My love for Tyler Joseph and Joshua Dun is never ending . Credit: @chaotix_edits
Yellow theme pt.1 Sam and Dean 😍💛🌻
I've got so much school to do I want to kms