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Little bit of weather coming perhaps... But it is all worth it for these sunrises over our Mere Rd vineyard
first stop on the birthday adventure, the winery where my hoomans got married! 🍷
When the dog won't smile for the camera because he is eyeing off your lunch @andersonhill407 🍷🍷
Katogi Averoff Winery was founded by the former Prime Minister of #Greece, Evangelos Averoff. This is the wine that started it all, and began to put #GreekWine on the map in the 1960's. The same label designed by Evangelos himself, bearing his name 'Katogi Averoff' (or 'Averoff's Cellar'). When he recognized the potential of Greek wine, Evangelos knew that French varietals were the way to make the French, and from there, the rest of the world, notice his country's wines. So he chose to blend his pride and joy, his top #CabernetSauvignon, with the indigenous Greek varietal #Agiorgitiko, known for its pure fruit, gentle tannins, and soft herbal and spice nuance. When he showed up in Paris with his blended wine that went on to blindly win over the judges palates, they asked him, 'Qu'est-ce que c'est?' and he proudly told them 'This is Greek Wine' . The rest is history 🇬🇷❤️🍷 #YouKnowAmoVino [ordering details through link in bio]
Blue bird day here in The Bay. The long weekend is treating us well !