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Oil on Canvas, 50cm x 39cm. I thought I'd share one by one the individual paintings within the portrait, For All the Women I'll Never Know', over the next few days, to give each one its little moment. This one is Leonardo as a woman. It's myself as the model (very easy to ask myself to sit, and I always say, yes). I had a lot of fun putting on my grumpy Leo face. My lovely son came along, and we spent a day together working on the expressions, reference and costuming for the whole piece. #leondardo #portraits #womenartists #leonardodavinci #renaissanceart #realism #jaqgrantford #Art_spotlight
Time to decode the flow of history through video works by women artists. ‪A still from “‬Facing a Family”, a 1971 video by VALIE EXPORT (*1940). - - Broadcasted on Austrian Network Television in 1971, VALIE EXPORT video showed a family watching TV and eating dinner. “Through this mirror image of the TV-watching public, she disturbed the relationship between content consumer and creator in a way that pushed boundaries left unexplored by even most avant-garde cinema” writes Kat Herriman. #spring #chronicle #arthistory #videoart #womenartists #avantgarde #power #1970 #valieexport #pioneer #mustsee #timetoreflect #newproject #research #knowledgeispower #sharingiscaring
Cue sweeping Escape to the Country theme music.
Happy Easter from sunny Dartmoor 🐣
‘Draw me like one of your French girls’ - another Rose gets saucy. Jx I: @daisysimmo W: @acurious_j #drawmelikeoneofyourfrenchgirls #artistlove #mymuse #nude #bodypositive . “ ‘Draw me like one of your French girls’ said Rose ~ Affecting a Winslet-like pose. Hoping to elicit some a response from her love with a cheeky smirk. He was an artist and often busy with work. ‘Rose,I do light installations and painted glass.. Not that I don’t appreciate the beauty of your arse.’”
"Nuance vibrante" " Vibrant shade" 🧞‍♂️🌊