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I originally saved this meme as a big oof #mood... but, the more I look at it and think: really think about what I've achieved within this year, the more I realise that I've done a lot: 1) I've been going to the #gym pretty consistently since mid-February, minus some actual sick 😷 days 2) I've started 2 new #projects at #work, and have, pretty consistently, been not #overwhelmed with #anxiety or #panic attacks 3) I've been slowly but surely continuously building #investment #funds and #savings accounts Now, while those 3 might not seem like much, take a moment and realize: 1) That means 1.5 - 2.5H of gym, 3-4x a week for about 12 weeks. That's around #100 hours of gym time in total, of time spent on #personal #growth. It goes by really quickly, let me tell you. And the best part? Once you start seeing #results, when you continue, even if you are plateauing at numbers, the #physical results don't stop. 2) This one is a bit trickier to quantify because of what I do, but it means that I've had a bunch of training, new social interactions with different people, have had to watch and relearn how to #adapt and overcome a multitude of work related situations, but the best part is that I've gotten to showcase all the hard work I've put into my job/career over the last 5 years (point: it's paying off). I no longer spend hours-literal HOURS trying to calm myself down from making one small #mistake. It's more like a 15 minute "oh no" and then I move on. Don't get me wrong, I still have my bad days where it can take me half a day to get over a small , but it's gotten loads better. 3) I think this one speaks for itself. I raised my RRSP and TFSA contributions sometime in March 2018, and I've been trying to manage my #money a bit better recently. (I'm trying to save up for a #bike so we can go #riding on #trails in the #summer...) Now, the thing you don't see is all the literal #blood, #sweat, and tears there have been in the past year. So much has changed. I am both excited and scared of what the future holds, but for me to get through this past year, and remain intact? I think that's a pretty big freaking #achievement. #Constant #Success means #Discipline
if you wanna be a flower, you gotta get through the fking dirt 🌱 . this is just a basic pic of me sitting on a ball after dying from abs, all to let you know that you can do any damn thing you set your mind to. everybody wants to shine, everybody wants to “be great”, and compare themselves to where everyone around them is, but no one wants to put the work in... if you’re looking for a sign to get off your ass, change some things around and work for what you want this is it. because nobody else is going to do it for you! no matter what anyone says, YOUR time is waiting on you, but you gotta work for it. sitting at home still doing the same exact things you’ve been doing, continuing the same diet habits, hanging around the same people, following the same crowd and involving yourself in the same toxic environments ISNT where you’re going to shine. today i challenge anyone reading this to step out of your comfort zone and take 2 steps in the direction you’ve been dreaming to be in. there’s going to be tough times, you’re going to fall so many more times than you can stand, you’re going to get rejected, you’re going to hate your body sometimes and it’s going to depress you how much you may have to “give up” just to be where you want to be, you’re going to lose friends, you’re going to change in so many ways, but you GOTTA GET THROUGH THE DIRT, to be a beautiful flower, and for that, you have to GROW. 🌻💪🏽🖤