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To all my Mothers out there: What is your morning routine with a newborn/infant in the house? Mine is sometimes the same sometimes different. Some mornings my fiancé will leave and Brayden and I will stay up, I will feed him, then he is usually content for a good while, during this time I will try to get stuff done like a quick pump sesh, some laundry, clean any bottles if we used any in the middle of the night, hopefully shower really quick 🤞🏻, by this time I’m on my second cup of coffee 😆. By this point Brayden usually is ready to play or is sleeping! Most times I hope he is ready to play so we can get a routine down, but sometimes he’ll be sleeping again. By like 9-9:30 he is usually ready to feed again, then it’s his favorite time of the day and he’ll be up and active until about 4:00! Then he will eat and take a good nap. Usually I’ll make sure he is up by 6:00 so that he won’t be up all night from taking such a long nap! But now, I would like to start working at home again! Now that I understand how my son is during the day and when he likes to be most active and when I can let him be alone for a little awhile, I would like to put work in the mix! Any stay at home working moms have any advice or schedules they use they would like to send my way would be awesome! PS, this will be one of the few times I will ever ask for advice since my fiancé and I like to do things our own way and figure things out on our own! #workingmoms #7andahalfweeksold #workingfromhome #inspiration #mothershelpingmothers #Tampa #babyboy
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🇮🇪Ciao a tutti ragazzi! ☺️ Mi chiamo Sabrina e ho 30 anni, Ho aperto questa pagina come blog personale, 📝 Comincio col voler condividere ciò che mi è successo di recente, 😏 sono venuta a conoscenza di una cosa che si chiama 🍄GANODERMA🍄, eh già, è un fungo! 🤓 lo conoscete? Io personalmente non lo conoscevo prima di poco tempo fa 🤓 E ne sono rimasta piacevolmente colpita 🤗🤩 Presto vi spiegherò di cosa si tratta ma se nel frattempo volete chiedermi qualcosa fatelo pure scrivendomi 📥 🇬🇧 Hello everybody guys! ☺️ My names Sabrina and I'm 30, Ive just started this page as personal blog, 📝 I want to begin by sharing with you guys what I've had the pleasure to know recently, 😏 well, his name is 🍄GANODERMA🍄 and yes, it's a mashroom!🤓 Do you know it? Me personally didn't know about it before short time ago🤓 and as I already said, I'm positively affected 🤗🤩 I'll son explain what is all about, but if in the meanwhile you wanna ask me something, just write me! 📥 #blogpersonale #nuoviinizi #personaleblog #goodstart #ganoderma #wellness #benessere #fitness #milkshake #dimagriremangiandosano #dimagrirebene #dimagrirecongusto #pastisostitutivisani #ingredientinaturali #noogm #guadagnaredacasa #workingfromhome #selfimprovement #crescitapersonale #obbiettividaraggiungere
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So we are moving into our second year with “Primula” locally grown cut flowers! Some exciting new endeavours coming this year. I’m not one to take a “Selfie” but for the Gram i am willing as you need to see the face behind the flowers this year;) my daughter Charity (9) did my makeup for this post lol she says I look younger,thanks I 🤔 think? This week we are working on creating a website and getting all our supplies for seed starting and supplies for spring planting! To all the florists who are exhausted and recovering from VDay much Luv💗🛀🍷 #preparingmyself #springisjustaroundthecorner #selfcare #tothineownself #startingabusiness #forthegram #sotiredofwinter #recuperating #planningforspring #startingflowers #workingfromhome #farmingflowers
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