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Keeping up the habit!!! . The past couple of days have been tough, as I've been feeling really lazy.. . Opportunity ✔ Energy ✔ Effort ✔ Engagement ❌ . Even #focus gets a #✔, but the #feels just weren't there 😫😫 . Oh well, at least we're doing something.. #theburn should be back soon enough.. in the meantime I will enjoy being able to move about without #yelping 🤓 . Have a bless Tuesday, InstaFam! . #thefeelsarereal #noburn #workoutfail #keepingupthehabit #morningworkouts #homeworkouts #healthandfitness #bbgcommunity #bbgmums #momlifebalance #worklifebalance #noexcuses #stepbystep #continuousimprovement
Don't compare yourself to someone else's journey xx #goals
HELL. YES. 👆👆👆 What’s the one golden nugget of advice you’d give a parent thinking about going freelance?
Don't worry about tomorrow and let today pass you by!! Live in the moment, always.
LOOK OUTSIDE! It is easy to be in your business/brand bubble and not know what is going on outside. Open your eyes, ask questions and be open to constructive criticism. Learn to grow!
Not sure how my boss and colleague read my mind, that I've been wanting to try the food here, but we wound up here for lunch anyway. Here's remnants of my set meal, after a lovely Potato Leek Soup and Beef Bourguigmon. My English Breakfast tea, mini cream puff, mini madeleine and fruits. Replenishment of stamina for a busy day ahead. Off for appointments now.
May your Tuesday be as bright as Emem in this trumpet sleeves dress from the Liz Harrison store Dress available in UK size 6-12 , also in black , red , cobalt and dusty pink. N9500