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I know it's been very quiet around here and I'm sorry for that. I've been in Luxembourg for 2 weeks, visiting friends and family. I hope you'll forgive me?! But I'll have some new things I'll be sharing with you soon, so stay tuned. 😉 In the meantime, in Lisbon it's 32°C so I took this nice-cream from as a nice afternoon snack. Mine unfortunately didn't look as nice as this one, as you can see in my IG story but it was really refreshing 😄 Really looking forward to the next month here in beautiful Lisbon and spending summer in a warm place. 💛 Hope you'll all have a fantastic week.
Gosh after a challenging few months with health challenges, injuries & general personal set backs I'v at last been able to make head way with the YES online classes & digital resources! - Yaaaaaay!!! - Only 2 months behind schedule, but what's life if there isn't a few 'hard' bumps in the road to turn your hair grey and remind you what you're made of! Ha! - Here's a peek of what I've been working on ... can't wait to show you more soon! - Onwards & upwards - Ursula :) - Ps. The monthly newsletter will still be parked for a little longer, but it will resume again very soon - I'll keep you posted! - 🔻🔹🔻🔹🔻🔹🔻🔹🔻🔹🔻🔻🔻🔹 #empowerment #empoweringwomen #bizmom #success #quotes #quoteoftheday #motivation #motivational #successquotes #entrepreneur #entrepreneurs #resilience #positivityquotes #mindset #inspiration #resilience #Personaldevelopment #goals #BuildingEverydayResilience #wellbeing #balance #worklifebalance #coaching
Natur pur. Hier minimalisieren sich Probleme, Sorgen, Ängste. Da bläst das Hirn frei. #nature #fjelltur 🇳🇴hier braucht man keine #worklifebalance , hier hat man Sie
I am looking for someone VERY specific!!! . Can you help me find her?!?! . Here is a brief description: . - She wants to continue growing in her faith & relationship with God. . - She wishes to one day start a family. . - She wants to get back on track with her health and fitness and lose 10-20lbs with a community of ladies that are also on the same journey. . - She's a corporate hustler but feels burnt out with the hours and missing time with family and friends . - She wants to do something that will give her flexibility and autonomy to pursue ALL her DREAMS! . -She LOVES the show Friends and even though its old its still her favorite! . - She likes to cook with her hubby, entertain friends and be surrounded by laughter and people. . - She's OBSESSED with dreaming of a limitless future! . - She loves growing in personal development and leadership. . - She realized that what she "thought" was so important all these years has changed and now just wants to be full of life and healthy! . - She wants to inspire and encourage others to be positive :) . - She is READY to take CONTROL of her life and find her TRUE PASSION AND PURPOSE! YES -- THAT is who I am looking for!!! Do you know her?! Are YOU her?!?!?! . I am in the process of growing my coaching business and looking for 5 goal driven women who match the description above! . If you would like to be considered, please complete this application! (link in bio). . . . . #teacherlife #realtor #admissions #loanofficer #openhouse #healthyliving #wellness #running #breakfast #lunch #eatwell #worklife #worklifebalance #blessed #mindfulness #smile #happy #livelovelaugh #nature #newcity #citygirl #goals #mindset #faith #encourage #leadership #doctorate #careermoves
The valley is my happy place while we are in Utah. I desperately need to escape the suburbs at least once a day. So, today I chose this gorgeous outdoor office in the Ogden Valley to do phone and Skype interviews for the stories I'm working on. I'm getting into the groove of it all again and loving connecting with my work people. #zillowlife
Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. // @char.burrows ✨
My latest blog post is all about the "double workload" that I think many women face. You know like being responsible for the kids and the house and the holidays and school stuff and....⠀ I think this is a real challenge, gender equality often starts at home and we know that women do a disproportionate amount of the childcare and housework. It's why I wanted to create a course that didn't just help Mums to be more productive because we're already achieving so so much. We're crazily amazing but just also overwhelmed by how many plates there are to spin. I wanted to create something that might just, in some way, ease the overload. A system of family organisation that is owned by and works for everyone. Link in the bio if you fancy a read xx
Ah, come sarebbe bello se le mie gattyne si dessero dei bacini così! Invece a malapena si tollerano, cioè... la piccola adora la grande, ma ha un modo un po' pesante di dimostrarglielo: le salta addosso, la rincorre, le mordicchia il sedere... E ovviamente la grande risponde elargendo ringhiate e schiaffi. Io le adoro entrambe perché, con i loro caratteri così differenti, mi riempiono la casa e con due gattyne la possibilità di avere una vicina da accarezzare si è raddoppiata ❤️ Se, come me, avete due gatti (o di più), i vostri vanno d'accordo o sono botte anche a casa vostra? #socialmediabiondina #casabiondine #vitadagatto #vitadaamelie #vitadabisou #ufficioincasa #igersmassacarrara #carraramarbleweek #vitadafreelance #worklifebalance #feliceadesso