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เป็นการวิ่งสบายมาก ก็แค่กลับมาถึงห้องหลับไปตอน4โมงเย็น ตื่น6โมงเช้า เพลียภูเขาหนักมาก 23km #haadsaikeawrun 🏃🏼🏃🏼🏃🏼 #wingnaidee
When it's usually your rest day, but you've been less than stellar with your nutrition- you throw up a messy bun with your pjs and get in some movement! ----------------------- I needed to move today after all of my poor nutrition choices of late, but I didn't want to do TOO much since I'm kicking off a new schedule tomorrow along with a 3 Day Refresh 👍🏼. So it was a little Country Heat for me - just what I needed to get the juices flowing! 😀 ------------------------------ Tomorrow kicks off a new accountability group - and right now, I need all the accountability I can get!! Wanna help me? Need some accountability Yourself? It's not too late to join! 💌hedgesfitness . . #sundayfunday #accountability #summeriscoming #countdowntopuntacana
Great cable core workout 🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤾‍♂️🚴‍♀️ by @bradleysimmonss 💪💪 pretty awesome to see him in action as a trainer 🤼‍♀️here's the breakdown for this awesome format #
1. Controlled cable rotation 
2. Controlled cable plank knee to elbow 
3. Cable hanging knee raise 
4. Cable v-sit controlled crunch ----------------------------------------- VIDEOCOURTESY : @bradleysimmomds @bradleysimmonds @bradleysimmonds
I know many of us have SPRING BREAK on the mind!! I am excited for it too, though we'll be home for most of it, I am getting ready for my spring trip to the Dominican Republic later in April. So I need all the support I can get!!! This past month I have been blown away by the commitment & encouragement the girls in my group have given! It always gets me so excited for those new people that are about to join us, because YOU will be blessed as well!! This month we will be focusing on nutrition and why it matters!! So often I hear “I am too busy…I don’t have time...there’s too much to do...maybe later”...WELL that will never change, life is always going to be busy! Before another month passes you buy, STOP the MADNESS that you don’t matter enough to take the time & energy to get HEALTHIER!! I am excited that next week starts my April group "Spring into Fitness" I am ready to feel & fit more comfortably into spring & summer starts now!!! You give me a month & I’ll show you those results-you commit to the program & it will happen! Here’s that to expect… 👊🏼Group support ✋🏽Motivation 👊🏼Accountability ✋🏽One on One coaching 👊🏼An amazing app to track it all ✋🏽Daily check-ins 👊🏼AND PRIZES-yup this month we are doing pop challenges each week!! I never get tired of hearing the amazing changes that the girls in my group have gone's just one quote "PROGRAM COMPLETE!! May be weird but my eyes welled up when it was done. I'm proud of myself for sticking to it and completing 8 wks worth of Hard Corps and have not missed a day (other than rest days) since the beginning of the year! I CAN do it! 💪" We are going to start using our NO voice...saying “NO” to that extra serving, to putting food in our mouth (that wasn’t planned for) when packing our kids lunch, to hitting snooze, to the FEAR that we might fail! Let’s instead say YES to “I AM ENOUGH & I WANT TO TAKE CARE OF ME!” Here’s to loving ourselves! #workouttime #getfitwithme #lifechanging #springbreakready #TeamBWholehearted
Bugatti 2017
Its been two years since we opened the doors of TITLE Green Hills and we want to say THANK YOU to all of you for being apart of our TITLE Fam. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY THIS WEEK ONLY: We are doing a free kit and no club fee on select memberships. Also, enjoy 20% off ALL RETAIL on Wednesday ONLY and 20% off PT packages on Friday ONLY! TXT 6159884080 for more information! . . . . . . . . #fitness #fit #fitspo #fitlife #weightloss #workout #workouts #workoutoftheday #workoutplans #workoutday #workouttime #workoutideas #workoutdaily #workoutgrind #hardworkingwomen #hardworkingwoman #workhardplayhard #nevergiveup #transformation #gymtransformation #gymtherapy #nashville #nashvilletn #nashvillefitness #boxing #titleboxingclub