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I'm back from Boston and the #reeferfish that went unsold from the rally are available now online! <- each order comes with a hemp thank you card and each fish comes with a pin! #worldreefers
👻Snapchat: LucidNoize👻 Look at this fool 😼😼
(Couldn't put ANY fuckin music in this video-ARG!!!) Our vaca in Arkansas/Oklahoma was absolutely magical. We mined our own quarts crystals, swam and smoked in the wild Arkansas river, accidently stumbled upon the most beautiful botanical gardens in Tulsa, and explored all over the place. The Ozarks stole my heart. Much needed before I brave this last shitty winter here in Hellinois. Thank you for being my gypsy travel partner, and the love of my life. I can't wait to move to Florida and be your wife. You are the sun in my dark world. I love you. @paul4realz #beauty #beautiful #nature  #arkansas #Tulsa #vaca #reallove #roadtrips #worldreefers #Trigeminalneuralgia #gypsies #chronicillness #isupportcannabis #iwillmarrymary #bongbeauties #onlysmokethebest #girlswithpiercings #girlswithtattoos #smokeweedeveryday #somegirlsgethigh #iamanalien #animalsoverhumans #wanderlust #medicate
#365daysofpineapple Pineapple Pendant #262 Luna Blue /365 . This is such a sexy color I couldn't help making a pineapple head to toe Luna✌️ . VIDEO UNDER BLACKLIGHT🖐 . Super pleased with all these new colors! I feel like a kid in a candy store #bestjobever . Comes signed and dated 262/365 with a 365 Days of Pineapple COA✌️ . AUCTION RULES- -Auction ends 9/20/17 , 4pm MNT -Starting bid $5 -NO RESERVE -BIN 150, a bid of BIN will immediately end the auction pending payment. -Minimum $5 raises please -Buyer Pays shipping -Payment due within 24hours, or auction moves to next bidder (and you will be banished forever) -Do something nice for a stranger -10min snipe rule applies to all bids. Any bid made inside 10min to go will extend auction 10min or until another bid. . I'm truly honored that so many people enjoy and support my art🙏 #gooseglass #stayhigh IG , and #wearglass🖖