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Couldn't be prouder of these two right here! Jaylen and Teagan both started jiujitsu in November when I started the program at Nellis AFB. They had never put a gi on and for the first month they were doing class without one. Teagan took first place in nogi and second place in gi. He had lots of tough fights and performance amazingly. Jaylen is my little hammer! He completely skipped the novice division and jumped right into the beginners division so he can go for subs and he went in there with no hesitation! Listen to everything I was shouting out. It was like having a remote control haha. His final match was against a very tough and well experienced kid. Jaylen held his own and went full force. Unfortunately the ref stopped it early when the kid went for an arm bar for their safety, which is always appreciated. I am extremely proud of them for stepping on the mats, believing in themselves and trusting me with the instruction and techniques I've shown them so far! Congrats champs!!! Well deserved!!! Hard work pays off!! Let's keep pushing it!! Thanks to coach @robertdrysdalejj for instilling in me how to be a great coach. Always pushing us and showing us top quality functional jiujitsu which I can hand down and share with my students now. Thank you parents and the rest of the teammates hat showed up and supported them and the rest of the ZENTIH BJJ team that competed yesterday!! We are growing and becoming stronger!!! I hope you all got to see how big our family is and how we are all one regardless what location or affiliate we train at!! See you all in class!! OSS!!! #champs #nellisafb #zenithbjj #proud #gi #nogi #naga #champions #hardwork #military #bjj #jiujitsu #grappling #wrestling #maljiujitsu #albinoandpreto #aandp #shoyoroll #donmegateam #rvca #purps #chokealoha #monkeytape #totalnutritionlv #militarybjj #aipono #nousdefions #mi22ion #wedefyfoundation #giveback