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Si tu es nouveau à l’église, nous aimerions t'inviter à notre fête de bienvenue qui aura lieu ce dimanche à 12h15. Cette fête s'adresse aux personnes qui veulent apprendre plus sur qui nous sommes et sur la vision de notre église. C’est également un moment convivial où vous aurez l’occasion de rencontrer différentes personnes qui font de sorte que l'église soit une Maison pour toi ! N'hésite pas à nous envoyer un message privé pour confirmer ta présence. _________________________ Everyone is welcome to our Welcome to Church Party this Sunday at 12.15 ! If you are new to our church, this is for you. Get to know some of our people that make church a Home for you. #youbelonghere #welcomehome #fetedebienvenue #hillsonggeneve
WE. BELIEVE. GOD || When the storms of life are raging and darkness engulfs our existence, we trust in the one who is Lord over the elements #faithoverfear 🙏👇 • Be encouraged by the message from this past Sunday entitled: “Night Vision,” through the LINK IN OUR BIO. It’ll give you helpful tools around fighting fear! 🎧 #theseawalk ---------------------------------------------------- Join us this Sunday // 10AM // Morningside Cineplex - 785 Milner Ave. Scarborough | #welcomehome ---------------------------------------------------- #servecitychurch #servecity2017 #walkbyfaithnotsight
After Jesus prophesied his crucifixion and resurrection, preparing them for what was to come, He explained to them— ⠀ If any of you wants to be my follower, you must deny yourself, take up your cross daily, and follow me. If you try to hang on to your life, you will lose it. But if you it give up for my sake, you will save it. What do you benefit if you gain the whole world but are yourself lost? ⠀ Jesus is telling us, in order to follow Him, we must release our own will at aligning our hearts to the Fathers will, being exclusively reliant on Christ and what He accomplished on the cross to meet our every need. He said to do this daily; this means to look to Christ and the cross every day, for your every need. It's easy to look to Him on Sundays, when the week has been rough, but this requires commitment. ⠀ When we try to hang on to our own ways and understanding, our efforts will surly fail, or even worse, we'll succeed without Him. But whoever releases their own selfish desires and places their faith entirely in Christ, will find life in abundance. What does it benefit someone to gain the temporary things of the world but lose his soul for eternity? We can’t have both Christ and the world, we must chose! #90DC #90daychallenge
Ikke rart at vi smiler. Fulle av forventning til søndag og besøk av vår Lead pastor @britkrogedal. Gjør det du kan for å komme og ta med en venn i hver arm så fyller vi huset med tro og mennesker. #youbelonghere #sundayischurchday #welcomehome Søndag kl 16.00 Skudenesvegen 1, Kopervik
If you've been following along, we should be completing our read through of James for the 4th time this week. How has the book challenged you this month?
Have a large family or enjoy hosting out-of-town visitors? Residence #717 is the perfect fit! This four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom residence features 2,396 square feet under air, a 272-square-foot terrace and two additional balconies offering stunning views from different vantage points. Learn more about what it has to offer by sending us a DM. #luxurycondos #luxuryliving #luxuryrealestate #bigfamily #YouBelongHere
Join us this Sunday. 10 AM | Bosque School | 4000 Learning Rd NW
The weekend is here and we’re all kinds of excited!! Bring the whole family out to our Trunk or Treat event this Saturday!! Then come back Sunday for Super Kids Sunday!! It’s going to be a great weekend!! Let’s GO!
No matter how much the world changes, God's word is steadfast, faithful and true. #thecitykc